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I. "Ubiquitous Connectivity"                        
Aggregate number of "Big Connectivity" subscribers (million)   778.997 786.557 795.494 804.767 813.886 827.013 841.584 850.436 853.724 861.744  
Aggregate number of 5G package subscribers (million)   170.657 174.768 179.704 184.915 189.953 194.834 200.836 205.005 209.456 212.727  
Aggregate number of Internet-of-things terminal connections (million)   312.592 320.010 327.780 335.529 343.403 354.494 366.126 373.492 376.408 385.540  
II. "Innovative Application"                        
Number of customers served by virtual 5G industry private networks   1,421 1,552 1,738 2,014 2,216 2,552 2,785 3,125 3,416 3,805  
III. "Smart Service"                        
Resolution ratio of customer cases by smart customer service in the current month   97.4% 97.6% 98.0% 98.3% 98.3% 98.3% 98.1% 98.4% 98.3% 98.4%  
Smart customer service ratio in the current month   74.5% 76.8% 78.3% 78.4% 78.6% 77.2% 79.2% 82.0% 82.6% 83.2%  
IV. "Technological Innovation"                        
Cumulative number of patents granted in the current year   349 592 716 780 956 1,156 1,366 1,444 1,567 1,666  
  • To better reflect the Company’s good progress in grasping new opportunities, embracing new changes and achieving new development, the Company has adjusted the disclosure of its monthly operational statistics from February 2022 onwards. For the Company’s historical operational statistics prior to February 2022, please click here (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).
  • Aggregate number of “Big Connectivity” subscribers = aggregate number of mobile billing subscribers + aggregate number of fixed-line broadband subscribers + aggregate number of fixed-line local access subscribers + aggregate number of Internet-of-things terminal connections + aggregate number of networking leased line subscribers.
  • A virtual 5G industry private network is a high-quality private network based on the public 5G network provided to industry customers to satisfy their business and security needs. It is a core carrier for offering differentiated and partially self-operated network services. Virtual 5G industry private network has become a new engine for driving 5G application innovation, enhancing productivity and accelerating digital transformation in vertical industries.
  • Resolution ratio of customer cases by smart customer service = number of satisfactory resolution ratings / number of post-service ratings * 100%. Smart customer service ratio = number of cases resolved by smart customer service / total number of cases.
  • The patents mentioned in the above table are held by China United Network Communications Group Company Limited, the ultimate controlling shareholder of the Company. Such patents can be used by the Group.
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