Investor Relations
Last updated on 31 May 2024
Investment Bank Analyst Telephone Email
BNP Paribas / Morningstar Dan Baker (61) 4 3357 1968
BOCI Research Michael Meng (852) 2905 2128
CICC Kai Qian (86) 10 6505 1166 ext.1933
Citi Louis Tsang (852) 2501 2789
CLSA Elinor Leung (852) 2600 8632
Crosby Securities Michael Cheung (852) 3476 2933
DBS Tam Tsz-Wang (852) 2971 1772
First Shanghai Simon Luo (852) 2532 1962
Goldman Sachs Jin Guo (86) 21 2401 8943
Guotai Junan Securities Gin Yu (86755) 2397 6686
HSBC Neale Anderson (852) 6394 7438
Huatai Xing Wang (86) 21 3847 6737
Jefferies Edison Lee (852) 3743 8009
J.P. Morgan Alvin Au (852) 2800 8533
Morgan Stanley Gary Yu (852) 2848 6918
New Street Research Chris Hoare (44) 20 7375 9111
Nomura Bing Duan (852) 2252 2141
Quam Securities Limited Stephen Leung (852) 2971 5417
UBS Sara Wang (852) 2971 7280

Recommendation by Analysts on China Unicom


The above list does not include all the analysts who cover the Company. It is for readers' reference only. This analyst list and their opinions may not be complete and is subject to change from time to time. Please note that any opinions made by these analysts regarding China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited's performance are theirs alone and do not represent those of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited and its management. The listing of analysts who follow China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited and their opinions are only for convenience and informational purposes only. China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited does not imply its endorsement of their independent opinions, nor provides any investment advice. Interested parties should contact the analysts directly for more information/opinions on China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited.

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