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China Unicom Smart Cloud Data Centre cum Unicom Cloud International Station Launching Ceremony was convened in Hong Kong, committed to strengthening the international deployment of computing-network resources, contributing to the high-quality co-building of the “Belt and Road” initiative, constructing a high-quality computing-network hub, and enhancing ecological cooperation.


Unicom Cloud version 7.0 continued to upgrade, achieving a breakthrough in cloud-native single-cluster node scale of over ten thousand, and providing customers with secure and reliable cloud services.


China Unicom released the “China Unicom Action Plan for the Construction of the Central Hub of the Integration of Smart Computing, Training and Promotion” to build the first integrated hub node of smart computing, training and promotion in the western region in Ningxia, helping to build the western digital valley and China’s computing power capital”.


By establishing the second batch of 8 industry forces covering 7 major sectors, China Unicom explored industry application scenarios to empower economic and social development on all fronts and accelerate the construction of Digital China.


China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Broadnet jointly announced the official launch of the world’s first 5G cross-network roaming commercial trial in Xinjiang.

China Unicom obtained HKEX’s approval for the spin-off of SMART Connection Technology.

China Unicom assisted in the completion of the nation’s first digital security operation centre in ultra-large cities in Guangzhou.


China Unicom joined hands with partners such as Midea Group, Shanghai Automobile City and Huawei to complete the world’s first commercial application of 5G RedCap terminals in industrial and Internet of Vehicles scenarios.


China Unicom released NX307, the world’s first universal 5G RedCap commercial module, leading with our innovation and development in the 5G industry.

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