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Corporate Communication requests

Pursuant to the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and the articles of association of the Company, the Company will make available the Corporate Communication of the Company (other than Actionable Corporate Communication) to the shareholders by electronic means through the Company’s website at and The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited’s website at (the “Electronic version”), if the relevant shareholders have consented, or are deemed to have consented, to receive the Electronic version of the Corporate Communication.

Pursuant to the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the Company must send Actionable Corporate Communication to securities holders individually and cannot comply with a rule requirement by making the Actionable Corporate Communication available only through the websites. Under the current arrangement, Actionable Corporate Communication of the Company will be sent in printed form to securities holders individually.

Corporate Communication includes but are not limited to (a) the directors’ reports, its annual accounts together with a copy of the auditors’ report and, where applicable, its summary financial report; (b) the interim report, and where applicable, summary interim report; (c) a notice of meeting; (d) a listing document; (e)a circular; and (f) a proxy form.

Actionable Corporate Communication refers to any Corporate Communication that seeks instructions from securities holders of the Company on how they wish to exercise their rights or make an election as securities holders of the Company but it does not include notices of general meetings and proxy forms.

Electronic Dissemination of Corporate Communication (other than Actionable Corporate Communication)

The Company will seek consent from each new registered shareholder to receiving the Electronic version of all future Corporate Communication, other than Actionable Corporate Communication. To promote electronic dissemination of Corporate Communication, similar consent will be sought from existing registered shareholders annually at the time when the Company publishes its annual report. If the Company does not receive any response from the registered shareholder indicating his/her objection to receiving the Electronic version of Corporate Communication before the deadline, he/she will be deemed to have elected the Electronic version instead of printed version, and a notice of publication of Corporate Communication will be sent to him/her in the future by email or, if no email address is provided, by post to his/her address as it appears in the Company’s register of members.

If a registered shareholder has elected (or is deemed to have elected) the Electronic version but for any reason has difficulty in accessing the relevant Corporate Communication electronically or wishes to receive printed version, the Company will promptly upon his/her request send the printed version to him/her free of charge.

For non-registered shareholders, notifications of the publication of the Corporate Communication on the Company’s website will be sent by email, and if no email addresses are provided, by post. Non-registered shareholders may also request to receive the printed version of Corporate Communication.

Request for Printed version or Election of Language and Means of Receipt of Corporate Communication

A registered shareholder or non-registered holder who wishes to receive a Corporate Communication in printed form or in a language version other than his/her existing choice, or wishes to change his/her choice of language or means of receiving all future Corporate Communication, may submit a request to the Company’s Share Registrar, Hong Kong Registrars Limited, at 17M Floor, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong or by email to

Registered shareholders and non-registered shareholders may from time to time change their choices of language or means of receiving Corporate Communication. A shareholder’s request for the printed version of future Corporate Communication will remain valid until the instruction has been revoked, superseded or expired, or for one year from the date of receiving his/her instruction (whichever is earlier).


Should you have any queries relating to any of the above matters, please call our Share Registrar’s hotline at (852) 2862 8688 during business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) or send an email to

Updated: 30 April 2024

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