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China Unicom officially launched "WO 4G+", a new 4G brand image for China Unicom – not only faster, but more pleasant experience, more relieved consumption, and better service", enhancing the competitiveness and the development confidence of 4G.

China Unicom was awarded two grand prizes in 3rd Chinese Enterprises New Media Annual Conference, being The Most Influential New Media Accounts 2015 of Chinese Enterprises and The Most Influential New Media Accounts 2015 of State–Owned Enterprises.

China Unicom held 2016 Work Conference, at which full implementation of "Focus Strategies" was put forward, driving a new chapter for the works of China Unicom.


China Unicom launched an unused mobile data carry-over policy for all its 2G/3G/4G subscribers, which allowed the unused monthly data to be carried over for use till the end of the following month to enhance the data consumption experience of customers, accelerate the subscriber and service upgrade, and promote the strategic transformation of the Company.

China Unicom entered into agreement with China Tower Corporation Limited for the disposal and transfer of telecommunications towers and related assets.


China Unicom officially launched the first NFC handset with all-in-one SIM.


China Unicom was granted the license to operate "LTE/4G digital cellular mobile service (LTE FDD)" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


China Unicom's 3G network successfully covered Zhongshan Station in Antarctica.

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