Business Overview

Executive Director
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In 2016, faced with profound changes in the market environment and challenges such as industry transformation, speed upgrade and tariff reduction and intensified competition, the company fully implemented focus strategy by focusing on 4G services and on key regions, promoted the widespread adoption of "All Network Access" terminals, launched targeted marketing campaigns, enforced simplification of administration and power delegation, resulting a bottom-out of business development.

Mobile Service

In 2016, the Company further optimised its 4G product offerings, leveraged Big Data to drive existing users value enhancement, and initiated the "Three Missions" in key cities, namely customer acquisition, migration of 2G to 4G and monetisation of data capacity to propel the transformation of operating model. Meanwhile, the Company also proactively expanded external cooperation, and partnered deeply with Internet companies to develop integrated products combining dedicated data traffic with third-party applications in an attempt to drive data usage via content and applications. The business momentum of mobile service improved substantially and bottomed out. Mobile billing subscribers witnessed a net increase of 11.51 million to a total of 263.82 million during the year. Mobile billing subscribers ARPU was RMB46.4. Mobile handset data traffic reached 1,608.1 billion MB, up by 131.1% year-on-year. More than 2,400 partner companies have joined the WO+ open platform, with a total of 1.83 billion function calls during the year.

Fixed-Line Service

In 2016, the Company continued to market its upgraded fibre network with an emphasis on high speed and premier quality, focused on promoting the sense of competition and efficient use of resources, fostered a shift in practice from passive sales to proactive marketing and customer acquisition, and strengthened cooperation with private capital in Southern China. The Company drove the establishment of a 4K UHD industry alliance to speed up innovation and development in home Internet, and to promote steady growth of fixed-line service. The number of broadband subscribers witnessed a net increase of 2.91 million to a total of 75.24 million. Broadband access ARPU was RMB49.4. FTTH subscriber penetration reached 71.2%, up by 18.1 percentage points year-on-year. The number of fixed-line local access subscribers decreased by 7.21 million to 66.65 million.

Network Capabilities

In 2016, led by 4G and fibre network upgrade, the Company quickly built up a premium 4G network with comprehensive coverage and favourable user perception, creating strong brand recognition for superior network with craftsmanship. Network quality was on par with industry in the key regions. The Company had a total of 736,000 4G base stations in operation, of which 539,000 were located in 139 key cities. The Company undertook massive construction of fibre broadband network and "all fibre network" upgrade, with 10 provinces in Northern China achieved "all fibre network" by the end of 2016. The number of broadband access ports amounted to 190 million, 98.0% of which were FTTX access ports.

The Company continued to optimise its international network deployment. As at the end of 2016, its total international submarine cable bandwidth reached 12.1T, total cross-border terrestrial cable bandwidth reached 7.6T, international outbound Internet bandwidth reached 1,711G, with international roaming covering 609 operators in 250 countries and regions.



In 2016, the Company focused on key cities, young mobile Internet users and video service, rebuilt the reputation of WO 4G+ under the theme of "Premium WO 4G+ Network with Endless Surprises" by highlighting its merits of fast network speed, abundant data allowance and rich contents. Meanwhile, the Company promoted the brand concept of "Wonderful WO" in all-around manner through extensive publicity of its advantages in both broadband and integrated businesses, so as to constantly enhance the brand influence of "WO".

Marketing strategies

In 2016, the Company deepened implementation of Focus Strategy, initiated the "Three Missions" in key regions, innovated its tariff and product models, transformed its distribution model, and developed customer value management system. The Company also strengthened brand promotion, endeavoured to build a content and application ecosystem centred around video and bolstered its Big Data support capability, thereby effectively promoting its business transformation and development.

The Company laid foundation for innovative services by establishing a number of industrial Internet bases and incubation centres in key business areas and focusing on industrial Internet and platform-based businesses. It achieved rapid growth in ICT, IDC and cloud computing, Internet of Things and Big Data, etc. Meanwhile, the Company forged strategic partnership with various Internet companies to cooperate on integrated product development, mutual promotion and joint operation, so as to fuel its innovative service development.

Distribution channels

In 2016, backed by its WO retail platform, the Company developed a business model of offering terminal supply chain services to channels with over 15,000 self-owned terminal chain stores. Leaning on multiple touch points, the Company turned the electronic channel into a major channel for servicing customers and an important channel for product sales. The Company launched in-depth cooperation with large Internet companies with a robust kick-off in 2I2C offering. The Company widely developed online marketing system both internally and externally, as well as the integrated O2O functions, thus effectively enhancing its marketing capabilities.

Customer Care

In 2016, the Company strengthened its monitoring over service quality and operation of the major service touch points, and further improved the customer-oriented assessment system for managing and evaluating customer reputation and user experience. By accelerating the transformation and upgrade of traditional channels and deepening smart customer service operation, the Company developed a professional and coordinated service model addressing "Internet+ Services", established a customer reward and loyalty programme platform built upon the Internet era, proactively mitigated service shortcomings and improved customer perception. The Company maintained the lowest rates of customer complaint and unsolicited charges in the industry for the year.