Operating Data






  1. The Company commenced leasing of CDMA network and offering CDMA services in 9 provinces and and 3 municipalities from January 2002. The 9 provinces include Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Liaoning, Shandong, Anhui, Hebei and Hubei, and the 3 municipalities include Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.

  2. The Company completed the acquisition of the cellular businesses in 9 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, namely Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Henan, Shanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi and Xinjiang, on 31 December 2002.

  3. The Company launched CDMA pre-paid service in Beijing, Chongqing, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Hubei and Guangxi in July 2003.

  4. The Company completed the acquisition of the celluler businesses in 9 provinces and autonomous regions, namely Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Hainan, Yunnan, Xizang, Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia, and the sale of paging business to Unicom Group on 31 December 2003.

  5. The Company completed the acquisition of the cellualr business in Guizhou in December 2007.

  6. The Company stopped disclosing usage of international/domestic long distance telephone services from January 2008, due to revenue from this business accouting for less than 3% of the Company's total revenue.

  7. The Company's CDMA business disposal to China Telecom was completed, therefore it stopped disclosing operational statistics for CDMA business from October 2008.

  8. The merger of China Unicom with China Netcom was completed in October 2008.

  9. Broadband subscribers were adjusted from the first quarter of 2013 as follows: including Internet leased line users and not applying LAN user account conversion.

  10. The Company launched 4G LTE service in selected cities in March 2014.

  11. Business tax was replaced with value-added tax (VAT) in the telecom sector from 1 June 2014.

  12. Operating data for 2001 - 2008 can be found in the downloaded excel file.