As a responsible corporate citizen, China Unicom insists on people-oriented development and regards public welfare and comprehensive social development as the operating development keys of its business. In 2017, the Company solidified the teamwork spirit, adhered to continuous growth among the staff and the enterprise, and pragmatically safeguarded the lawful interests of its employees, fostering friendly and harmonious labour relations with the employees. It persisted to the belief that business development is for the society and the outcomes of development should be shared with the society. It proactively gave back to the society, emphasised obligation performance in overseas markets, and continued to enhance the sense of reward for the whole society, heading towards a future of sustainable development.

Measures adopted in 2017
  • Implemented the comprehensive incentive system, with staff promotion rate of 11%, salary-ranking promotion rate of 23%, and the rate of signing group insurance contracts for material illnesses of 92%.
  • Built strategic talent teams, and cultivated 195 professional talents, 1,492 backbone talents and 2,758 young and sharp talents.
  • Established talent community and talent management platform, and set up talent incubation fund.
  • Provided 11 sessions of leadership seminar, 58 sessions of advanced technology training, 176 professional skills enhancement trainings and developed 84 online/offline courses.
  • Improved the closed-loop acceptance mechanism for contacting staff members and deeply initiated the activity “Online Meeting with General Manager”.
  • Carried out Tibet assistance and targeted poverty alleviation work, initiated 52 Tibet assistance projects with RMB60 million financial support in a determined attempt to narrow the gap of regional development. Specialised services were provided to the disabled, elderly group and minors.
  • Enhanced responsibility fulfilment overseas, emphasised compliant operations overseas, implemented local recruitment and procurement, carried out responsible investments, and earnestly participated in overseas volunteering activities.
Actions in 2018
  • To focus on the enhancement of staff efficiency of four teams, namely physical business outlet, call centre, installation and maintenance, and direct marketing, and to further strengthen and regulate employment management.
  • To build up a sound and unified assessment system for training management quality, and procure the implementation of training plan for key groups and strategic talents.
  • To coordinate resources for the implementation of comprehensive incentive scheme, aiming to enhance staff’s sense of reward.
  • To tilt resources toward “sub-divided business units”, strategic talents, as well as well-performing talents to realise “Pay-for-Performance”; show care for low income staff and fairness.
  • To optimise the three-tier employee representative committee system, facilitate online communication with general managers of all levels, and establish the corporate affairs open release system.
  • To explore the set-up of share-based incentive scheme featuring the sharing of benefits and risks.
  • To stress the enhancement of “blood-making” ability in poverty alleviation of the targeted areas and care for the telecommunication service needs of the special groups.
  • To procure the fulfilment of social responsibility of overseas branches and promote global sustainable development.
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  • Answering public expectations
  • Responsible overseas operations
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