China Unicom has always adhered to the people-oriented development philosophy, taking improving the well-being of the people and promoting the all-round development of people as the starting point and goal of digital development. It consolidated and expanded the achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively connected it with rural revitalisation, actively conveyed the warmth of charity, promoted the common prosperity of the society, and continuously enhanced the sense of gain, happiness and security of the people. At the same time, we actively implemented the national “dual carbon” requirements to help build a beautiful China. We consolidated the advantages of all parties to engage in “team competition” and form an integrated and open cooperation ecosystem, promoting the common development of the industry chain.

Creating a Pool of Innovative Talents

China Unicom adhered to the strategy of talent-led development, deepened the reform of the talent development system and mechanism, deeply implemented talent-oriented corporate development and created the comparative advantages and competitive advantages of talents. It comprehensively cultivated, introduced and used talents to promote the fundamental change of talent structure. At the same time, the Company effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of its employees, gave full play to their enthusiasm and creativity, and let them share the achievements of reform and development and grow together with the Company.

Optimising talent structure

China Unicom adhered to strengthening the enterprise with talents, improved the talent management system and mechanism, and optimised and adjusted the talent structure in response to strategic requirements. The Company focused on identifying outstanding young management talents at the front-line acting in major events, and continuously improved the whole chain mechanism of education, selection, management and use of talents. The age structure of the middle management team continued to improve. The Company has built a four-level professional talent pool of 19,000, including 950 leading and expert talents, 6,100 backbone talents and 12,200 new talents. The “Digital Elite” program was implemented to achieve full coverage of digital training certification for four-level professional talents.

Protecting employees’ rights

China Unicom insisted on regarding employees as its foundation. It promoted the spirit of endeavours and innovation and respected labour, knowledge, talents and creativity. It safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of employees and served its staff with full efforts. It promoted the “win-win” situation where employees and the Company grew together through the market-oriented reform of human resources, and continuously improved the sense of happiness and achievement of employees.

Adhering to fair employment

Strictly abiding by the Labour Law, the Labour Contract Law and other relevant laws and regulations, the Company signed labour contracts with 100% of employees, and implemented dismissal policies in accordance with relevant national requirements.

The Group has formulated the “Human Resources Risk Prevention and Control Manual”, adopted strict inspection and control procedures in recruitment and promotion and strictly prohibited any discrimination against employees in terms of age and gender. It complied with the “Provisions on the Prohibition of Using Child Labour”, strictly prohibited the use of child labour, and provided training to main contractors providing manpower or services. In 2021, there were no incidents of discrimination, child labour and employee abuse.

The Company implemented the national policy of “stabilising employment and expanding employment” and expanded the scope of recruitment to graduates in the past two years who were unemployed. It actively promoted employment assistance, provided 396 targeted recruitment positions in Xinjiang, Tibet and Qinghai, and recruited a total of 39 Tibetan graduates.

Protecting democratic rights

The Company implemented the national regulations on working hours management, strictly implemented the special working hours declaration system, and protected the rights of employees to rest and leave. There was no forced labour.

The Company implemented paid leave system and retained 100% of job opportunities after maternity leave. It actively supported and implemented childcare leave and single child care leave. It implemented the paid companion leave system for employees whose children were enrolled in the high school and college examination, and provided guidance services for 3,700 employees’ children to fill in their choices for colleges.

Workforce development was reported to the employee representative congress and the formulation and implementation of human resources policies was disclosed, providing smooth information communication channels.

Innovating on talent incentives

The Company optimised the total salary management measures and continuously released the bonus of mixed-ownership reform. The Company improved the labour cost allocation rules of provincial branches and subsidiaries, optimised the incremental income sharing mechanism, and realised the coordinated growth of labour cost and benefit. Labour cost increased by 7.6% year-on-year. The average adjustment ratio of labour cost of each unit reached 10% in order to break the rigidity of the existing system.

The Company improved the framework of long-term incentive system and optimised the flexible welfare system to meet the diversified needs of employees.

The Company regularly carried out employee rank and salary promotion, with a rank promotion rate of 14.3% and a salary promotion rate of 38.4% in 2021.

Helping employees grow

China Unicom adhered to the people-oriented principle, cherished the value of each employee and attached great importance to the capacity building and career development of employees. It continuously promoted the construction of education and training system with emphasis on improving the digital capabilities of all employees, so as to facilitate the career development of each employee and promote the communication with and growth of employees.

Reconstructing training system
The Company continued to improve the training management system and mechanism and deepen the reconstruction of the education and training system. It increased the training organisation support and training resource allocation, and promoted the implementation of the education and training system in all units.

We established training programs for key groups and set up a professional competence standard system. Focusing on the training objectives, development paths and capability requirements of different groups, we built digital capability standards and curriculum systems to enable digital empowerment.

We promoted the construction of certification systems for various professional departments and promoted capacity transformation through position certification. We completed the update and iteration of capacity standards for 63 professional aspects, and professional talents passed the certification 93,056 person-times.

Focusing on digital empowerment, network intelligent operation, network information security, intelligent network independent fulfilment, technological innovation and other aspects, the Company carried out the development of technical professional courses, and developed a total of 223 courses and 360 teaching hours during the year.

Making full use of the resources of various online education platforms, the Company held a series of training sessions such as “China Unicom Lecture Hall”, “Smart Talks” and “WO Sharing”, with a total of 1,260,000 person-times of participation. It held 33 live broadcast training sessions with 53,000 viewers. It set up a special zone for online college, with over 9,970,000 people studying online.

We carried out IT/DT technology capacity training for all employees, with 19,000 people trained online. The Company implemented the digital piloting and digital elite projects to achieve full coverage of second-level managers, third-level managers and fourth-level professionals. We carried out the “apprenticeship” for four-level talents to enhance the digital capabilities of other professionals.

Building a training platform

China Unicom is committed to building a team of talents for digital transformation. It actively carried out various skill competitions such as 5G innovative applications, Big Data innovation, solutions, and smart Winter Olympics. It drew cases from real production scenarios, real customers, and real cases to substitute training, spur learning and achieve empowerment through competitions, and continuously improved the technical capabilities of employees.

The Company carried out 502 labour and skills competitions in 2021, covering subdivided marketing, customer operation, financial rights, network AI, network support for the Winter Olympics, network security. We selected 233 “China Unicom Technical Experts” and the number of competitions, number of participants and participation rate reached record high.

The Company jointly held a competition on the practical digital operation skills for government and enterprises with the China National Defense Posts and Telecommunications Union and co-organised a network co-build co-share labour competition with China Telecom.

Improving democratic management

China Unicom has established a robust democratic management system based on the labour union, coordinated and promoted the three-inone democratic corporate management comprising “labour union, open corporate affairs, and employees’ advice and suggestions”. It guaranteed the right to know, participate, express, and supervise of employees at all levels, and encouraged employees to contribute their wisdom to the development of the Company.

Throughout the year, the Company held about 500 labour union meetings at all levels. Over 1,700 items of various matters were discussed at the provincial company level, over 10,000 items were discussed at subsidiaries and municipal companies, and there were over 3,000 items of various proposals.

The Company set up channels for collecting opinions such as “all endeavors for three purposes “discussion, the whole committee online, employee satisfaction survey and front-line survey, etc. It held special employee participation activities such as process governance, authorisation and delegation, China Unicom APP user experience, and work style improvement. In 2021, the Company received a total of 13,400 employee requests, with a resolution rate of 97.61%.

The Company carried out the service culture season activity of “I do practical things for the public” to collect experience and feelings of touchpoint service, product business, network experience and other aspects. A total of 26,668 questions and suggestions were collected.

The Company kept smooth channels for reasonable suggestions, and ensured that all employees’ demands and feedback were responded to through various reasonable suggestions activities such as “General Manager Online”. Throughout the year, the Company carried out more than 150 “General Manager Online” meetings, conducted two rounds of selection of outstanding proposals by employee representatives, and collected 85 proposals.

Caring for employees’ life

Adhering to the concept of serving employees, China Unicom fully understood the thoughts of employees at the front-line, continuously innovated on various measures to serve employees, helped employees balance work and life, created an efficient, relaxed and caring working atmosphere for employees, and enhanced employees’ sense of belonging, security and mission to the Company.

Strengthening pandemic prevention and control
As the pandemic prevention and control has become a new normal, the labour unions at all levels continued to carry out pandemic prevention and control, and continuously optimised and implemented employee care measures on the premise of implementing pandemic prevention and control measures, so as to better serve enterprises and employees in special periods.

The Company established a pandemic prevention mechanism, required the labour unions at all levels to strengthen their awareness of pandemic prevention, organised pandemic prevention activities according to local conditions, reasonably reserved pandemic prevention materials, formulated emergency response measures, and coordinated the promotion of pandemic prevention and control and the Company’s business development.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company arranged employees to stay put during the Spring Festival and visited the families of overseas employees. The Company provided various forms of care for employees who stayed put during the Spring Festival, and relieved the worries of employees who were unable to return home during the severe pandemic overseas. The labour union organised care visits for overseas employees and their families, and distributed care gifts and money to the families of overseas employees.

Ensuring production safety
The Company strictly abides by the Production Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations. It further implemented production safety responsibilities, improved basic systems such as the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Production Safety and the Fire Safety Management Regulations, improved the safety supervision mechanism, strengthened personnel protection, and fully implemented production safety.

The Company improved the production safety quality of all employees, organised theme activities such as Production Safety Month, Fire Safety Day and Production Safety Law Publicity Week, carried out fire practice and theoretical training, and organised fire and emergency evacuation drills and accident handling drills.

In 2021, there were no general or above production safety accidents in the whole system. The Company achieved zero fire in the whole system and zero fatality rate per thousand people. There were no lost days due to work-related injuries, and the safety sense of employees has been significantly improved.

We promoted the construction of employee health management system, and provided employees with health examination, health lectures, critical illness insurance and other services.

We protected the mental health of employees, extensively carried out a series of activities such as “mental health of employees” and “public sports for front-line”, innovatively promoted the construction of “psychological station” on a pilot basis, and actively provided psychological care during special periods such as the pandemic in Hebei and overseas as well as the flood in Henan. In 2021, the Company was awarded the honor of “Healthy Enterprise” by People’s Health Network.

Caring for female employees
By signing a special collective contract for female employees, improving the construction of “breastfeeding room” and holding a series of special activities on “March 8 Festival”, we protected the rights and interests of female employees and provided targeted and considerate services to them. In 2021, China Unicom selected 120 “Heroines’ Civilised Positions” and 125 “Heroines’ Meritorious Models” to stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of female employees.

Enriching cultural and sports activities
China Unicom earnestly implemented the national strategy of “Healthy China” and “National Fitness”, organised various cultural and sports activities, participated in various competitions organised by the National Defense Posts and Telecommunications System, Communications Sports Association of China, etc.. In 2021, trade unions at all levels organised nearly 6,000 cultural and sports activities with 600,000 participants. China Unicom Shandong Branch was honored as an advanced unit of national mass sports by the State General Administration of Sports. Hu Mingrui of China Unicom Guangdong Branch and Qu Fengxia of China Unicom Hebei Branch were honored as advanced individuals of national mass sports.

Deepening assistance and care
We are dedicated to solving difficulties for employees, and have established an assistance mechanism, including files of employees in difficulties, insurance cover for major diseases, and mutual assistance funds for employees. We have built a “Trinity” assistance system of critical illness insurance, mutual assistance fund and supplementary medical care. In 2021, more than RMB70 million assistance funds were distributed to employees in difficulties, 2,273 claims were made for critical illness insurance, and mutual aid funds were provided 3,700 times. After the severe flood disaster in Henan, the labour union of the headquarters immediately went to the site to visit the front-line rescue personnel and raised RMB 1,000,000 to support the post-disaster reconstruction.

We set up special funds for “five small” construction, raised RMB6,685,000 in 2021, improved the working and living environment for 100 front-line units in red old areas, supported the post-disaster reconstruction of front-line units in Henan, Shanxi and Sichuan, and improved the working and living environment for cadres and employees working in remote areas due to poverty alleviation and stability maintenance work.

We carried out the activity of “I do practical things for the public”. For heroic models, families of a martyred soldiers, national model workers and other groups, we carried out the “sending a piece of care” activity. A total of 2,306 people were visited and RMB2,570,000 were provided as care money by labour unions at all levels.

Caring for employees’ children
In order to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the Company continued to carry out the “Employees’ Children Custody during Leave” and provide custody services for employees’ children in innovative form. Among them, the employees’ children custody class of China Unicom Fujian branch was rated as “National Custody Class with Love” by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

Building Cyber Security Lines of Defense

Adhering to the overall national security concept, the Company thoroughly implemented the Cyber security Law, the Data Security Law, the Personal Information Protection Law, the Regulation on Protecting the Security of Critical Information Infrastructure, and other laws and regulations. It has built a network security and data security protection system for the digital era, and also formed the “No. 1 safety shield” as the “fist choice of the country, government and people” in the digital economy.

Enhancing network security capability

China Unicom regards the maintenance of network information security as an important mission of conscientiousness and responsibility. It built a network security protection system with complete functions and leading capabilities. It also integrated security development into all areas and the processes of the Company’s development, so as to strive to improve its security protection capability.

The Company improved its capabilities in the governance of public internet network security threats. The monitoring and processing capacity of 5G SA core network increased by 9.12Tbps, and the broadband Internet monitoring and processing capacity expanded to 29.88Tbps, which effectively mitigated the attack and impact of Botnets, Trojan virus and malware.

The Company maintained the security of Internet of Things by continuously improving the basic risk model to accurately identify suspected risk cards. As a result, there were no terrorism-related or fraud-related cases in the year.

The Company improved active security warning capability, with the DDoS protection capability reaching over 8T. It built network security situational awareness, asset security management and other platforms to reduce hidden security threats.

The Company successfully completed various network security support for major national events and was commended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Combating telecom network fraud

China Unicom resolutely implemented the national requirements for combating and controlling telecom network fraud. It upheld orderly communication, protected personal data privacy, and safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of users. There was no major information security incident in the year.

The Company carried out in-depth management of fraudulent calls, harassing call and spam messages. It strengthened source control and implemented card-breaking operation 2.0. It carried out “cat-fighting” action and assisted the police in arresting 2,767 suspected criminals, and seizing 2,691 sets of equipment such as GoIP, which was commended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The Company strengthened data security control and personal information protection, carried out special rectification on APP infringement of users’ rights and interests and improved data security support capabilities, with a sensitive data identification rate of 80.54%.

The Company revised the China Unicom User Privacy Policy, the China Unicom Customer Service Agreement and other rules and regulations. It also formulated the China Unicom Children’s Personal Information Protection Policy and Guardian Notices to strictly regulate user real-name registration, maintain user information security and protect children’s personal information.

The Company enhanced the public awareness of information security and promoted information security knowledge through various channels. It provided overseas incoming call alert services. Throughout the year, 565 million alert text messages and 843 million security alert group messages were sent, which were recognised by users.

Innovating on security products and services

The Company has strengthened the supply of security products and services in the aspect of network, cloud, application, data etc. It has created Unicom Cloud Shield, password, situational awareness, security island chain and other products. It also established Unicom security operation service platform, optimised the ecological deployment in network information security, and built a strong network and information security barrier for thousands of industries.

The Company independently developed 9 password products which passed the commercial inspection. Amongst the products, 3 of them were included in the catalogue of information technology innovation. It jointly built the “State-owned CA” business brand with the Information Centre of the SASAC to achieve the implementation of benchmark cases.

The network situational awareness product entered pre-commercial trial and was named an “Advanced Unit” by the Ministry of Public Security.

In the “Blooming Cup” 5G Application Collection Competition held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Company’s 5G security products and solutions won the first prize and multiple awards.

The credit information service platform for trusted enterprises, privacy computing, data security and other products and services were awarded the “Galaxy Award” by the Committee for the Advancement of Big Data Technological standard of the CAICT.

Putting people’s live and safety in our first place

China Unicom always puts people’s live and safety in the first place. It contributed to the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic with data and intellectual power. It provided communication support for major activities, devoted itself in rescue missions and disaster relief, and fulfilled its mission with actions.

Making every effort to fight the pandemic

In 2021, the pandemic situation remained severe and complex. Local confirmed cases and people with no symptoms of COVID-19 were found in many places, the lines of prevention and control were not slackened. China Unicom worked closely with the pandemic prevention and control departments at all levels, and leveraged the edges of communication enterprises to fight the “pandemic” intelligently with information empowerment and provide strong support for regular pandemic prevention and control.

Building a smart wall for pandemic prevention
China Unicom continued to and leverage its information services edges in Big Data, artificial intelligence, 5G, etc. It developed digital applications such as travel inquiry system, cloud video conference, Unicom smart community, cloud filling, etc., to fully support the precise prevention and control of the pandemic.

Utilizing the unique edges such as multi-source, massive, open and strong integration of China Unicom’s Big Data, the Company optimised the national travel card inquiry service system structure, and supported 4.2 billion “health code” inquiries across the country, providing over 8 billion times of service cumulatively, and effectively supporting the analysis and assessment on pandemic prevention and control as well as resumption of work and production.

The Company developed the Beijing Expressway Identification Checking System, which shortened the travelling time per vehicle from 3 minutes to 20 seconds, and completely solved the problem of queuing to enter Beijing.

In order to solve the difficulty in holding meetings during the pandemic, the Company deeply looked into the needs of central government agencies and small and medium enterprises at all levels, and provided meeting support to them by introducing the Unicom Cloud Video system. Throughout the year, the Company supported more than 24,000 meetings and provided 38 times of major meeting support services to the central government agencies.

The Company supported pandemic prevention and control in local communities. Catering for the visitor registration of communities, nucleic acid testing and monitoring of people flow, the Company developed products such as Unicom Smart Community and Cloud Filling, serving 59 cities in 18 provinces with 41.40 million person-times of services in total.

Ensuring smooth communication services
Facing the cases in Liaoning, Anhui, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Tianjin and other places, the Company made good use of its network advantages, acted in unison and actively mobilised its branches and subsidiaries to participate in the local communication service support, so as to safeguard pandemic prevention and control.

Fulfilling Responsibilities in Providing Communications – Support for Major Events

China Unicom adheres to the concepts of “carefulness, focus, trust, excellence and intelligence” in communication support. It strives to achieve the highest standard, the strict organization, the most practical measures, the best services and the best effects. In 2021, the Company provided communication support for major national conferences and events such as the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the “Cloud Diplomacy”. With its excellent results of “zero mistake, zero error and zero complaint”, the Company was fully affirmed by the superior units and polished its golden brand as the “chief provider of major communications support”.

“Cloud Diplomacy” communication support
With regular pandemic prevention and control, “cloud diplomacy” has become the major channel for national and institutional leaders to communicate with the world’s leaders and international organisations. In 2021, the Company successfully completed the communication support for 192 “cloud diplomacy” of central leaders and 31 major events including the China International Import Expo. It ensured network security with Unicom Cloud Shield, anti-D cleaning, domain name resolution and monitoring system, etc. The Company made outstanding contribution to “tell China’s stories and spread China’s voices” in the current complex situation, and contributed China Unicom’s power to a new chapter of Chinese diplomatic relations in the new era.

Devoting to rescue and disaster relief

With the unpredicted weather and natural disasters, China Unicom insists to make the best efforts. At every critical moment, the company strives to stay at the front line of communications support and secure its network defense line.

Establishing a sound flooding control system
In response to flooding disasters, China Unicom made early deployment and revised its emergency communication support plan. It has established a robust the cloud-network collaborative emergency responsive system, which could adapt to the regional system, platform, centralisation and cloud resources to enhance its communication support capability and emergency response efficiency. The Company carried out inspection on hidden loopholes in advance, and organised 1,372 emergency drills throughout the year so as to ensure the reliability of the operation.

The Company carried out “Thousands of Miles Red Journey with Ingenuity Network” campaign. Communication fleets carried China Unicom’s mission of “no absence at major moments” and represented the highest level of major communication support, which lasted for 38 days spanning approximately 4,000 kilometers.

Dare to bear difficulties and challenges
We carried out flood prevention and rescue work on the front line to ensure communication by riding wind and waves. In 2021, in the face of severe floods in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and Shandong, as well as earthquakes in Sichuan and Qinghai, China Unicom was not afraid of difficulties and engaged in flood prevention and disaster relief with multiple measures. During the year, it dispatched emergency communication support 695 times, disaster relief personnel 134,000 person-times, rescue vehicles 47,000 vehicle times, emergency equipment 10,000 set-times, and 370 million emergency SMS.

Providing Warm and Intelligent Services

“Customer trust” is the foundation for the survival and development of an enterprise. China Unicom is committed to continuously improving the quality of products and services to meet customer needs, creating a high-value smart brand, caring for special groups, and obtaining high trust from customers.

Creating excellent customer service

China Unicom always adheres to the business philosophy of “creating value for customers”, promotes high-quality service projects, promotes the closed-loop mechanism for problem solving, continuously enriches the service brand connotation, deepens customer service, improves service quality, and creates a better, more efficient and more convenient service experience for customers with diversified services.

Improving customer experience and perception
Guided by customer perception, China Unicom launched special service enhancement projects to actively solve customer complaints.

  • The Company comprehensively sorted out customer complaint data from four major channels and established a full-scale problem solving system based on “two networks and two businesses”. It strengthened the pre-authorisation and closed-loop operation of all problems, smoothed complaint channels, increased service authorisation and remediation scenarios, and launched customer satisfaction re-visits to continuously improve customer perception.
  • The Company innovatively built the China Unicom Complaint Platform, and launched an Internet complaint platform website, WeChat mini program and a complaint portal at the China Unicom APP in 31 provinces across the country to create an excellent customer experience with extensive touch points, transparent process, convenience and efficiency, improving customer service perception.
  • The Company carried out the “Special Action for Improving Customer Satisfaction”. Focusing on 23 issues affecting customer experience in ten categories, it continued to implement the service action, and effectively solved the “pain point” problems of the public.
  • The Company strengthened the service KPIs and carried out three-dimensional matrix management on the subjects of complaints penetrating “vertically to provincial branches, horizontally to professional departments, and specially to subsidiaries”. It promoted problem solving through monthly analysis and notification, customer re-visits and supervision, so as to achieve the goal of “solving one type of problem by handling one complaint”.
  • The Company ensured the stable operation of mobile number portability service. Relying on the advantages of its nationally centralised system, the Company focused on launching services such as “online and cross-region port-in services” and “cross-region refund of tariff balance for port-out users”. It firmly adhered to the red line and bottom line of the policy of mobile number portability, and carried out special rectification on service issues such as “obstructing mobile number portability and restricting mobile number portability with unknowing unbundling” to create a warm and caring service experience.

Innovating on digital life experience
China Unicom provides users with a more intelligent living experience through product innovation. In 2021, the total number of mobile subscribers reached 317 million, the number of 5G subscribers reached 155 million, and the number of fixed-line broadband subscribers reached 95,046,000.

  • The Company built an open and shared China Unicom smart home ecosystem. It independently developed culink, a standardised ecological connectivity protocol, and created six integrated systems including gigabit, secondary card, fixed voice, application, video and finance through the digital operation platform to provide users with a smarter, more intelligent and happier new family life experience.
  • The Company built a platform-based innovative product system. To create an ultimate experience for 5G users and meet the needs of users for digital and intelligent life, the Company created innovative products such as video ringtones, Unicom assistant and China Unicom cloud disk to release product innovation energy. The number of registered users of video ringtones reached 200 million, and the number of registered users of Unicom assistant reached 181 million.

Building agile service operation
China Unicom leveraged its advantages in smart operation, strengthened centralised empowerment, continued to improve its service operation capabilities, and achieved online and offline integration and service marketing integration.

  • Deepening seamless online and offline services to solve customer problems in one stop. For seamless services, the Company strengthened omni-channel service coordination by linking up hotline and offline service points, effectively improving customer perception. For seamless marketing, through insights into customer demands and the strategy of precise service matching, the Company realised all-round and seamless intelligent services.
  • Leveraging the advantages of smart operation, the Company improved the ability of one-stop solution to customer problems. The problem solving rate increased by 1.9PP to 88.9%, and the proportion of smart services increased by 56.8PP to 84.03%.

Smoothing customer service channels
The Company expanded service channels such as the 10010 hotline and China Unicom APP, extended service coverage and improved service quality and efficiency.

  • The 10010 hotline service channel adopted centralised operation to achieve centralised cross-region dispatch and re-use of idle capacity, and the success rate of connecting to human customer service within 15 seconds increased to 92.5%. The Company built an agile and intelligent call centre. Customers can dial directly throughout the country, and they will be matched precisely with suitable services according to their needs. The hotline can make intelligent prediction and offer intelligent response. It knows customers’ deeds, understands customers’ needs and can solve customers’ issues. In 2021, the customer service hotline service volume reached 1,380 million times, and the satisfaction rate of 10010 increased by 2.3PP to 97.5%.
  • China Unicom’s APP takes leading experience as its goal and has become a preferred one-stop service channel for users with accurate lookup, quick delivery, smooth operation and full service. As of 2021, China Unicom APP served 62.98 million users, representing an increase of over 80%. Self-service accounted for 80.5%. Service satisfaction rate was 9.1 points, improving by over 25%.

Establishing experience monitoring system
Adhering to the “people-oriented” principle, the Company established an end-to-end customer experience monitoring system covering all customers, businesses and life cycles.

  • We built an end-to-end perception monitoring system to collect and analyse data in real time, and promote the solution of perception depression. Focusing on four major professional aspects and 301 key scenarios, the Company built a full-scenario map of customers, and promoted the fundamental solution of problems through “advance insight and prevention, in-process operation monitoring, and post-event evaluation management”
  • Based on the concept of full network service, the Company reconstructed its service standard system, which covered four major professional aspects and aligned with customer-side experience evaluation for integrated operation. It employed digital means to conduct real-time monitoring for early warning and swiftly resolve problems, leading to all-round customer experience improvement in network, business and services.

Shaping internal culture and external reputation
China Unicom is committed to building the influence of high-quality services. Externally, based on the service perspective and focusing on hot topics, pain points and business priorities, it strengthened knowledge dissemination, conveyed its differentiated service advantages, and infused service reputation into people’s minds. Internally, we drove the development and integration of service culture, promoted the profound reform of ideological awareness, code of conduct and process system, and instilled the service culture into our staff.

  • The Company carried out a service culture season campaign titled “I do practical things for the public – ‘all endeavors for three purposes’ action again” to forge a new service culture.
  • The Company launched a customer wordof-mouth campaign titled “Further upgrade of service experience” to integrate its internal and external publicity resources to build official publicity for China Unicom’s promoting high-quality services.
  • The Company launched six topics such as cross-region sharing and China Unicom APP service upgrade and “I do practical things for the public” during the year, with over 3.01 billion times of publicity exposure in total. Service reputation and awareness rate reached 50.14%. China Unicom’s customer service accounts in Douyin and Bilibili ranked first among central state-owned enterprises in terms of scale and its Kuaishou account ranked first in the industry. The Company created a communication knowledge expert series named “instantly understanding China Unicom”, publishing 560 knowledge videos and 168 live broadcasts with a total of 210 million views, thereby educating the public on communication knowledge and tips on usage in a clear and easy-to-understand manner and establishing good customer communication and interaction.
Building a first-class brand image

Under the macro landscape of digital economy, China Unicom has renewed and upgraded its brand strategy, optimised its brand positioning, built a brand strategy model and improved its brand management system. Under the guidance of the new strategy, it built a high-value smart brand and achieved brand leadership in the digital economy era.

Continuing to enhance brand reputation
Leveraging on the opportunities of 5G and the Winter Olympics, the Company fully coordinated with the internal media matrix to create a “warm” differentiated smart brand image with both internal and external refinement to enhance the overall brand value.

The Company undertook the “5 + N” brand revamp and internalisation project. Through brand alliance platform, brand education and training, brand image engineering, brand ambassador selection and publicity activities, it continued to deepen its brand substance, enhanced employees’ awareness and sense of identity of the brand, and stimulated the initiative to fulfill the brand commitment.

Taking advantage of current hot topics, the Company created a brand smart experience in multiple dimensions. Through Hearing King Card, smart cultural tourism, respecting and helping the elderly, industry exhibitions and partner conferences, we conveyed China Unicom’s clear attitude of creating value for customers, the society and the industry, and demonstrated China Unicom’s social responsibility of participating in the digital economy and promoting high-quality development.

Seizing current hot topics such as the Tokyo Olympics, the Company co-organised online and offline interactive experience activities such as “Going to N Cities”, lighting up the “City Olympic Landmark”, “Life Like This”, “Family Network Testing for People Service” and “Fancy Sports Game Show” with leading media such as Douyin, Bilibili and Sina. Through scenario-based presentation, the Company highlighted product features.

The Company, together with Beijing Satellite TV, Youth League Central Committee, Xinhuanet, Beijing Satellite TV and other senior units, central media and industry vertical media, jointly produced contents such as “Meeting Winter Dreams” and “Hardcore Young Ice and Snow Season”. It cooperated with benchmark enterprises and experts in the form of “small incidents, big stories” to highlight the advantages of China Unicom’s products and services through differentiation, strengthen the capabilities of China Unicom’s industry solutions, and enhance the brand favourability.

Standardising brand management
In line with the Company’s brand development strategy, the Company revised and improved the “China Unicom Brand and Advertising Management Measures” to make brand management scientific, standardised, efficient and transparent, enhance the brand concept of all employees of the Company and improve the brand management system.

Promoting Comprehensive Rural Revitalisation

2021 is a year when China achieved a comprehensive victory in poverty alleviation and successfully started to implement the strategy of rural revitalisation. The rural revitalisation strategy is a comprehensive and historic task related to the construction of a modern socialist country in an all-round way, and is the general focus of “Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers” work in the new era. Rural revitalisation must be pursued before national rejuvenation. China Unicom resolutely implemented the requirements of “four things not to remove”, effectively enhanced the sense of mission and responsibility of helping rural revitalisation, ensured that work was not reduced, capital investment was not reduced, policy support was not reduced, and the strength of assistance was not reduced. It took multiple measures and made continuous efforts to comprehensively promote rural revitalisation and consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation.

Improving our position and coordinating rural revitalisation

China Unicom further optimised and sorted out the three major systems formed by the Group in poverty alleviation, namely the Work System for Big Poverty Alleviation, the Responsibility Division System for Targeted Poverty Alleviation and the Work System for Promoting Poverty Alleviation with Industrial Development as the Core, which continued to serve as the basic system and work requirements for supporting rural revitalisation.

Through the coordination of six tasks, including policies, systems, personnel, projects, organisations and appraisal, the Company provided all-round support for the in-depth, practical and successful rural revitalisation. We strengthened typical guidance, built a “publicity team” for rural revitalisation, created a good atmosphere, and guided more cadres and employees to pay attention to rural revitalisation, participate in rural revitalisation, and help rural revitalisation.

We carried out two on-site training courses on “Digital Village” for assistance cadres and relevant personnel of the rural revitalisation offices nationwide, and uploaded the training courses to China Unicom Online College. A total of more than 5,000 assistance cadres were trained online and offline.

Universal service for building information highway in rural areas

Everything we do is for the needs of the public. China Unicom overcame difficulties such as tough construction environment, difficult construction and long distance, and built an information highway for villages and remote areas to bring information benefits to people.

The Company vigorously promoted the construction of rural revitalisation network, orderly promoted the seventh and eighth batches of pilot projects for rural universal services and the construction of China Unicom’s special poverty alleviation network. Broadband covered 327,000 administrative villages, including 244,000 administrative villages in 10 northern provinces, with a coverage rate of 98%.

We strengthened the construction of network channels in remote poverty-stricken areas to make our services closer to rural life. The number of channels in rural areas and remote poverty-stricken areas reached nearly 230,000.

Enriching people by industry and broadening the channels for farmers to increase income

The key to agricultural and rural work is to increase farmers’ income in essence. Industrial revitalisation is the material foundation for rural revitalization. Industrial poverty alleviation is the way out, and finding the right path is essential for further promoting rural revitalisation.

Creating advantages in featured agricultural products
China Unicom continued to carry out targeted assistance, actively penetrated into the front line, and cultivated new industries and new business models based on the local actual circumstances, so as to help farmers further expand income channels.

Innovating on agricultural products promotion methods
China Unicom vigorously carried out activities such as smart rural red research, promotion of beautiful rural culture and tourism, and live broadcast of agricultural product traceability. In combination with digital rural construction and digital live broadcast technology, China Unicom created a channel for agricultural products to “connect to the Internet” and “upgrade”, and accelerated the cultivation of a batch of well-known, high-quality and niche rural e-commerce product brands.

Engaging in Public Charity to Benefit Society

China Unicom insisted on cultivating and practicing the core values of socialism and meeting the growing demand for social service of people. It actively took actions in providing aid to Tibet and Xinjiang, culture and sports, education, medical and health care, environmental protection, public welfare and other aspects, and continuously conveyed care and warmth to the society to serve the improvement of people’s livelihood.

Actively carrying out charitable donations

China Unicom has always adhered to the principles of voluntariness, acting within capacity, clear rights and responsibilities, and honesty and trustworthiness, continuously improved the management system of charitable donations, actively assumed social responsibilities, strived to repay the society, and promoted the sustainable development of charitable undertakings.

Deepening inclusive communications services

Helping the elderly and the disabled are people’s livelihood projects that the state attaches great importance to. China Unicom continued to promote the implementation of various preferential policies and service measures for helping the elderly and the disabled, and strived to create a good information environment for the life and work of the underprivileged by doing practical things for them.

Smart elderly assistance
The Company focused on building services and capabilities in areas such as “heart-warming” services for the elderly, “filial piety” products for the elderly, and “reassuring” terminals for the elderly, adhered to the original intention of doing practical things for the public, and continued to carry out publicity and optimisation work.

The Company created “heart-warming” elderly services. It provided elderly care channels in the business outlets, launched a “care version” of China Unicom APP, and enabled direct access to manual services in 10010 customer hotline. At present, 2,100 smart elderly assistance service centres have been set up in business outlets throughout the country. The 10010 hotline has provided services to the elderly for over 14 million times, and 42,000 offline elderly assistance activities have been held with 380,000 participants, helping the elderly to overcome the digital divide.

The Company created the “filial piety” communication products for the elderly, and launched the silver age card, the filial piety card, the “WO Family Security Eye” and other products according to the actual needs of the elderly. In 2021, over 2.02 million users were benefited, and the accumulative communication tariff discounts exceeded RMB35.72 million.

The Company built a variety of “reassuring” terminals for the elderly, meticulously self-developed and innovatively created intelligent communication terminal products for the elderly that were more user-friendly and useful, such as the “Little Assistant for the Elderly”, for which it has applied for national network access certification.

Helping the disabled with warm heart
China Unicom cares for the communication service needs of people with disabilities and focuses on solving their service pain points.

The Company innovated on tech products and created the first barrier-free communication product for hearing-impaired people, namely the “Unicom Hearing King Card”, to realise real-time conversion of text and voice, and help hearing-impaired people realise barrier-free communication. China Unicom APP has a designated area for Hearing King Card. Special care personnel on the online customer service platform served users of the Hearing King Card for a total of 22,000 times with a 100% satisfaction rate.

In cooperation with the National Disabled Persons’ Federation, National Association of the Deaf and China Association of the Blind, the Company launched the nation-wide unified “Hearing King Card” and “Viewing King Card”. For all disabled users, the Group launched the nationwide unified preferential packages for them. In 2021, more than 80 exclusive packages for the disabled were launched nationwide, benefiting approximately 553,800 disabled users, and the accumulative communication tariff discounts exceeded RMB 170 million.

On 17 May, China Unicom cooperated with the National Association of the Deaf and successfully launched the first operator sign language live broadcast, covering a total of 15 internal and external platforms with 8.76 million viewers. At present, the Company has conducted a total of 7 heart-warming sign language live broadcasts and simultaneously created 35 communication knowledge videos for the disabled to help solve the communication service problems of the hearing impaired.

Actively participating in volunteering services

China Unicom combined the volunteer spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress” with the goal of building a team of cadres and employees. Based on the work ideas of expanding the team, stimulating vitality, improving quality and advocating civilisation, it systemised the organisation and management system of volunteering services, standardised the construction of volunteering service teams and normalised volunteering service activities. It fulfilled social responsibilities, established a good corporate image, assisted the transformation and development of the Company and the construction of corporate culture, and promoted the high-quality development of the Company.