Ecological well-being matters to the sustainable development of the Chinese people for many era. China Unicom actively advocates and practises the philosophy of “Thinking Green is Thinking Gold and Silver”. Committed to the national policies on resource conservation and environmental protection, and in strict compliance with the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations related to environmental protection, the Company continued to strengthen initiatives such as green networks, green operations, green supply and green actions. It actively implemented the national supply-side reform and earnestly practised energy conservation and waste reduction, contributing to the harmonious co-existence between people and the nature while helping to build a “beautiful China”.

Measures adopted in 2017
  • Committed RMB100 million in a special fund for energy conservation and emission reduction, with focus on energy conservation upgrades and technical application.
  • Reinforced green procurement, implemented co-building and co-sharing, attached importance electromagnetic radiation management, while speeding up to streamline 2/3G networks, as well as carrying out the retirement of equipment and consolidation of switch rooms, all resulting in saving 550 million kwh/year in electricity consumption.
  • Introduced paperless operations and made more efficient use of materials, resulting in an added value of RMB 84,305,500 via enhancing materials utilisation.
  • Significant effort to drive green action and fulfill the green citizenship.
Actions in 2018
  • Further advancement of network streamlining, ongoing development of technologies for energy conservation, and deepening co-building and co-sharing in telecommunication infrastructure.
  • Stronger efforts in the disposal of retired materials to increase the efficiency of such disposal and reducing environmental pollution caused by such retired materials.
  • Ongoing development of green actions and implementation of the green development to contribute to the building of the Beautiful China.
More Sections in Environmental
  • Promoting green management
  • Deploying green network
  • Deepening green operation
  • Driving green actions
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