Continuing to Improve Customer Reputation

China Unicom carried out end-to-end customer experience management, established a Smart customer service system, built a service experience brand and strengthened closed-loop operations on all issues, to promote transparent consumption and achieve continuous improvement in service perception and levels.

More intimate customer experience

The Company deeply integrated customer experience management into all aspects of production and operation, continuously optimized business rules and procedures, and established a product manager accountability system, to constantly improve product and service quality.

  • An end-to-end, full-scenario and full-lifecycle real-time experience assessment system was established and to realize the assessment of service quality with the customers’ voice, using their voice to push forward the process reform and service transformation.

  • An intelligent, intensive, one-stop Smart customer service system was created. Relying on all-Internet based and intelligent means, “full-scenario service map” was built to achieve the production and delivery capabilities of “online and offline synergy integration” of service touchpoints, and the intelligent hotline coverage reached 71%.

  • The Company promoted the reservation mechanism for broadband installation and relocation and repair services, and the reservation rate for installation and maintenance services reached over 75%.

  • During the pandemic, the employees of customer service lines across the country assumed strong responsibilities and assured non-stop service on 7*24-hour basis for hotline services.

  • The Company Won the 2020 (the 13th Annual) “Golden Tone Award” and the Big Data Application Award of China’s Best Customer Contact Center issued by the Best Customer Contact Center of China and the Excellent Customer Experience Selection Committee.

More convenient customer services

The Company conducts questionnaires periodically for users and frontline marketing staff to establish a product assessment system and a feedback assessment system for frontline staff, and to continuously improve service levels.

  • Simple acceptance function of cBSS2.0 integrated services was optimized to shorten the waiting time of users; the “non-outlet auto-filling electronic form” was promoted, while it enhanced the handling on compliance of online channel business, and improving handling efficiency.

  • The innovatively piloted “electronic identity authentication” in 6 provinces has built the national one-point issuance, with capabilities enabling wide usage in online and offline channels and providing users with convenient services.

  • Mobile/online outlet were opened up for users at abnormal status to use the mobile network and fixed-line network, as well as convenient payment for “green channel” without having to log-in, allowing “payment” to be more convenient.

  • The Company optimized the “loss reporting/unlinking” business management of the mobile network, strengthened the certification security of unlinking business, making loss reporting services more convenient, reducing the risk of customer property loss, and better protecting the rights and interests of customers.

More beneficial mobile number portability

China Unicom has always adhered to the original intention of mobile number portability to benefit the public. The Company comprehensively regulated mobile number portability and network transfer services, strictly abided by the “nine must not” and “five portability prohibitions”, continuously improved the customer experience of portability, striving to achieve stable service operations of mobile number portability, steadily declining customer complaints, increasing customer recognition, and improving service quality.

  • The Company participated in standardization work such as the revision of the interaction specification for mobile number portability, and the research and formulation of technical standards for regulatory platforms.

  • The training of front-line window service personnel continued to strengthen to ensure that the service delivers good attitude and professional answers, so as to provide customers with satisfactory mobile number portability services.

  • Launching the remote mobile number portability service to allow customers to handle porting anytime and anywhere, customers can enjoy more than 20 types of remote services and remote integration products that share real-time business volume after porting, same as the existing customers.

More reliable customer reputation

The Company has maintained close communication with customers, to comprehensively enhance customer service brand awareness, and deliver positive energy to customers.

  • Through mini video dissemination and live streaming interaction, customer service touchpoints were enriched. A total of 3,376 videos were produced and launched throughout the year. China Unicom’s customer services ranked No. 1 in scale among central state-owned enterprises in Douyin and Bilibili, and No. 1 in the industry in Kuaishou.

  • In 2020, the overall trend of NPS customer satisfaction with word-of-mouth improved. The annual self-improvement of mobile network increased by 5.5 points, and broadband increased by 7.6 points. Among which, the mobile network increased significantly year-on-year, with a self-improvement increase of 9.5 points; the self-improvement of business NPS increased by 1.2 points, maintaining leading in the industry; the self-improvement of service NPS was on the rise, and increased by 15.3 points. The overall MIIT satisfaction increased to 81.32 points, an increase of 0.21 points year-on-year, reflecting the Company being the only operator among three that was improving.

Better service quality

China Unicom has adhered to problem solving, and deepened the unified and standardized management of the entire process, omni-channel and all scenarios of customer complaints.

The Company strengthened closed-loop operation of all problems, strengthened pre-authorization resolution and smooth complaint channels, while initiated complaint customers’ satisfaction follow-ups, realizing the normalized operation on problems on the employee side. The Company followed up and operated 83 clustering key problems throughout the year, and verified and solved 49 problems.

  • In 2020, complaints with the MIIT dropped by 35.2%, reflecting the largest decline in the industry.

  • Maintained smooth 10010 and other complaint channels, the channel resolution rate in the Company’s headquarters increased by 21.7pp, with satisfaction rate increased by 13.1pp.

More transparent standardized consumption

China Unicom has conscientiously implemented the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests” and other laws and regulations related to the protection of customer rights, strictly regulated billing and charging behaviors, to protect customers’ right-to-know on consumer services and strengthening the popularization of consumers’ knowledge of products and services.

  • Organizing various provincial branch companies to sort out packages on sale and standardized the tariff list publicity, as well as set up display areas in service outlets, and mobile and online outlets.

  • Form free template continued to optimize to ensure that the service content and time limit are clearly informed to customers and customers understood their consumption.

  • Online and offline business outlets, traditional media, and new Internet media were combined to promote information about various products and services to consumers in a timely, true, accurate and easy-to-understand manner.

  • Violating marketing actions such as bundling sales and unauthorized modification of customer packages are strictly prohibited, and acts of confirming the opening, trial, modification and customization of services without the consent of customers are severely punished.

Integrating Online and Offline Channels

China Unicom continued to promote the transformation of its channel model and improved its online and offline integrated operation capabilities through measures such as focusing on middle platform touchpoints, integrating online and offline services and cross-industry ecological cooperation, to create a smart, open and integrated channel ecosystem.

Upgrading the efficiency of self-operated service outlets

From the perspective of customers, China Unicom promoted the digital transformation of service outlets and comprehensively improved the operational efficiency of service outlets, to provide customers with a more intimate service experience.

  • In order to fully protect consumers’ right to know, a white paper for products on sale was produced, and an online publicity column was used to display relevant information such as package tariffs, service contents, time periods, promotions of products on sale, and etc.

  • Small class activities on topics such as 5G knowledge and smartphone science popularization have been regularly organized, for customers to experience products on site and popularizing industry knowledge.

  • Focusing on the four major scenarios of rural areas, campuses, communities and business circles, the cross-industry light touchpoints have been iteratively expanded and a micro-ecological circle has been created, and more than 20,000 micro-ecological circles have been built.

Deepening the Promotion of Speed Upgrade and Tariff Reduction

China Unicom conscientiously implemented the national speed upgrade and tariff reduction work deployment, and established a special leading team to further reduce the unit price of mobile data traffic by increasing package resources, reducing off-package unit prices and launching preferential packages. Mainly focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises and manufacturing companies that were greatly affected by the pandemic, the Company promoted the reduction of production and operation costs of enterprises by taking speed upgrade and benefiting business, as well as combined discounts, as the main measures, and thus the average tariffs of broadband and Internet dedicated lines for corporate customers were reduced by more than 15%. The Company further met consumer demands, accelerated the pace of high-quality development, and promoted the development of the digital economy and the upgrading of information consumption.