Enhancing Smart Service Standards

In line with its customer-centric principle, China Unicom seeks to serve customers through its business outlets located across the nation, customer service hotline “10010”, online stores, SMS, official Weibo and WeChat customer service accounts, making ongoing improvements to its service regime and operation and service modes in sustained enhancement of the standard of customer service.

Enhancing counter service

In 2018, China Unicom continued to enhance the service standard of its counter channels and improve the efficiency of self-owned business outlets.

  • Focusing on customer perception and critical issues in frontline services, we rolled out QR code payment at self-service terminals and began to optimise the operational workflows at our business outlets, with a view to solving the problem of “two long-waitings”.

  • We continued to optimise the billing process and further simplified our front desk operations, shortening the duration of the sign-up process for integrated services at counters from 35 minutes to 12 minutes.

  • Support for the business outlet performance assessment system has been strengthened on the back of the WO Store platform.

Expanding Internet services

China Unicom has been actively developing and enhancing Internet-based customer services. To guide users’ migration from traditional service channels to online self-service channels, we have held 28 promotional sessions and introduced the live broadcast of PK games, including 29 million showings of the “Most Beautiful Customer Service Representative” Tournament resulting in significantly enhanced servicing abilities and influence. Over 97 million customers are using Internet channel services, representing a growth of 4.4pp in user penetration. Our fan base grew by 69.4% on a cumulative basis, while the volume of Internet services grew by 35.2%.

  • Customer service hotline: we continued to conduct “customer hotline perception enhancement initiative” to optimise IVR levels and broadcast contents and to enhance our ability in online problem solving. The quality of manual services of our customer service hotline has increased by 1.9PP, and the overall problem-solved ratio of our hotline stands steadily at over 96%, reflecting a notable rebound in customer perception.

  • In connection with Weibo/WeChat and online customer services: the official “China Unicom Customer Service” WeChat account reported a 99.5% rate for the timely handling of customer enquiries and complaints, building a strong reputation among customers. The “China Unicom Customer Service” WeChat account has grown into a first-class platform for authoritative information dissemination with the development of 5.35 million fans.

  • In connection with the open knowledge base: we resolved customer enquiries through the “WO Knows” knowledge and support platform, where there are 500,000 counts of open knowledge. Meanwhile, “China Unicom BBS”, our fan sharing and interaction platform, has assembled 3.63 million active fans who have contributed a total of 610,000 posts attracting 100 million views.

Strengthening complaint management

In 2018, China Unicom continued to strengthen complaint management using a matrix complaint management model. No instance of complaint about abusive charges were reported during the year, indicating notable success in complaint management. The Company regards complaint resolutions on both client and Company ends as part of the close-loop complaint management system, aiming at “solving one type of problem through the handling of one complaint” so as to enhance the ability to resolve complaints from the root.

  • We have effectively enhanced our ability to resolve customer complaints through customer hotlines and service counters and efficiency in handling complaints by consistently strengthening the frontline deployment of back-office ability to settle complaints, standardised support for service planning and knowledge base, expansion of the authority of frontline service and tiered handling of complaints, etc.

  • We continued to improve the mechanism for direct complaints and problem resolution from the root by building a dedicated team for root-cause rectification and a virtualised specialist team. We have improved the functions of the system for root-cause rectification by integrating the processes for warning on direct complaints and root-cause rectification.

  • We routinely monitored abnormal movements in complaints on a daily basis, and identified and issued warnings on popular customer complaints in a timely manner, instructing provincial branches for swift and proper settlement to avoid collective complaints.

  • On the back of root-cause rectification and the flagging and deflagging mechanism, focused efforts have been made to resolve critical and common issues among all complaints.

Persisting in transparent services

In meticulous implementation of the “Laws of the People’s Republic of China on the Consumer Rights Protection” and other laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of consumer rights, China Unicom exercises stringent regulation over billing and charges, protects customers’ right of information relating to consumption and services, and strengthens consumer education on product and service knowledge.

  • Supervision and management of billing has been strengthened. Billing performance assessment has been conducted to enhance the accuracy in daily billing operations through appraisal, inspection and reporting.

  • Management of service fees has been strengthened. A special initiative has been launched to address unsolicited value-added service charges and a platform for centralised verification of value-added services has been established to curb unsolicited value-added service charges from the root.

  • Management of channel partners has been strengthened. Amendments have been made to improve the “Measures for the Administration of Value-added Services” and nationwide promotion and training has been organised to ensure genuine implementation of regulated management.

  • Promotion and supervision of policies regulating package sales has been strengthened. In strict adherence to a simplified tariff structure for service recommendation, regulated tariff promotion, higher tariff transparency and satisfaction of user demand, we offer a simple tariff structure that is easy to understand and strictly prohibit ambiguous tariff structures and usage terms to eliminate any unreasonable fee items. Emphasis has been placed on the promotion of packages with clear and simple tariff structures and nationwide uniform tariffs to increase tariff transparency. We regulate the promotion of service tariff policies, as package and promotional information is publicised and shown in mobile APPs and online stores in a timely manner.

  • Message billing is operational nationwide, while ongoing upgrades have been made to the billing system with continuous improvements to the accounting process.

Improvements in customers’ word-of-mouth

China Unicom is committed to enhancing customers’ perception and word-of-mouth on all fronts. NPS assessment has been introduced to conduct comprehensive monitoring of all business units at all levels of the Company, so that the Company will be able to understand customers and accommodate their needs, and all business units will be able to improve in a customer-oriented manner.

  • The NPS survey and assessment is operational in 31 provinces across the nation covering the three principal dimensions of network, business and services in support of close to 300 customer service personnel, providing approximately one million times of data services throughout the year.

  • We continued to conduct NPS customer word-of-mouth and satisfaction survey, reporting a year-on-year increase of 13.0 points for business NPS and 6 points for service in 2018.

  • We launched a “special initiative on customer perception improvement” to drive internal process improvements and rectification of key issues from the root in a problem-driven approach on the back of the flagging and deflagging mechanism for key service issues.

  • A CEM customer perception management platform has been initially established, enabling operation and application at multiple levels with centralised support in NPS assessment, online media monitoring and random satisfaction interviews. Information such as customers’ voices and satisfaction poll results at various touchpoints is consolidated to comprehensively improve customer information and enable precise customer service with Big Data analysis.