China Unicom adheres to the principle of "Putting customers first". We serve our customers through our nationwide physical store network, customer service hotline "10010", online store, short message service, mobile app, self-service terminals, official Weibo and Weixin customer service. Meanwhile, we keep enhancing the standard of customer service by improving service system and its operation as well as service delivery.

Upgrading customers services

In 2017, China Unicom continued to upgrade level of customer services and enhance the efficiency of its self-owned stores.

  • Initiated the "dual enhancement" of in-store service perception and sales performance. We optimised store operation workflow leveraging the pilot stores in Beijing and Hebei. The new operation workflow has been implemented at over 1,000 stores.

  • Upgraded the perception of customer hotline service. 15-second manual call-through rate of the service hotline stood at 87%.

  • Transformed stores into merchandise outlets and chain stores, and sought cooperation with mainstream terminal manufacturers to offer comprehensive information consumption merchandise retailing and experience to enhance service variety and quality.

  • Starting with optimisation of store operation, established an operation system suitable for retail chain stores, with an aim to enhance store service efficiency.

Expanding online services

China Unicom has actively developed and enhanced Internet-based customer service and encouraged users to shift to online self-service from conventional channels. Internet service channel user penetration rate increased by 2.8 pp. In 2017, Over 60 million customers used Internet channel services with 201 million counts of service provision.

  • Building new service model based on human-machine integration and precise profiling by using artificial intelligence. Trial operation of artificial intelligence voice assistant has reduced the total manned service hours by 12.4 pp.

  • Adding online payment function to provide customers with a one-stop payment platform, enhancing the online processing capability.

  • Launching various marketing and promotion tools, such as barcode shopping, 52Shangou and online shopping, with an aim to expand service channels for users and provide innovative services to users.

Committed to transparent service

China Unicom strictly conforms to the laws and regulations regarding consumer rights and interests such as Law of the People’s Republic of China on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, strictly regulates tariff billing, protects its customers’ right to information and educates consumers on information about products and services.

  • Optimising and enhancing functions of billing system. The total number of calls and data bills decreased by 34% and the number of bills processed within 15 minutes accounted for over 96%.

  • Reinforcing management of intelligent terminal application software. Testing and reviews on over 10,000 fee-charging APPs in aggregate have been completed and 692 non-compliant APPs were suspended and reported to regulatory authorities.

  • Enhancing billing management of value-added services. Value-added Service Management Measures have been amended to tighten punishments on non-compliant behaviours.

  • Providing relevant information and description to users in self-owned stores and social channels pursuant to the requirements of the Company. In-store promotion of products and services to users are conducted through various formats, such as tent cards, posters and leaflets. Sales personnel’s answers to customer enquiries are also regulated.

Improving customer perception

China Unicom is committed to enhancing customers’ perception and customers’ word-of-mouth reputation. It undertakes Net Promoter Score (NPS) evaluation to comprehensively monitor each specialised business and each level of units of the Company so as to allow the Company to understand and respond to its customers’ needs and make improvement in each specialised business.

  • Taking customer satisfaction as the benchmark of the service quality of the Company, customers’ comments were broken down to each branch and specialised business unit of the Company through the evaluation indicators of the system, in order to drive customer-centric internal operation.

  • Continued to conduct NPS customer satisfaction evaluation. As at the fourth quarter of 2017, the NPSs of the mobile and broadband networks of China Unicom reached record high.

  • Optimised promotion mechanism and simplified package tariffs, focusing on customers’ perception and market orientation and taking uniformity and flexibility into consideration.

  • Initiated "targeted measures for customers’ perception". On a problem-oriented basis, we drove improvement and optimisation of internal procedures with a flagging and de-flagging system for key service issues to address key problems at their root.

Care for Customer Experience

In 2017, China Unicom strengthened regulatory management on operational practices. We established a system to evaluate and survey user experience with a view to continue improving our products and services as well as to gain better insights into customer needs.

  • Formulated "China Unicom’s evaluation standards and management regulations for end-to-end customer experience". Starting from the very beginning of product design, customer experience indicators were already optimised. We take user experience into consideration in major production phases such as product design, development, testing and launch, etc. in order to keep track of customer experience and to ensure customer satisfaction in a systemic approach.

  • Established a targeted customer marketing model based on Big Data. We precisely conducted our marketing activities based on customers’ consumption and behavioral patterns. We offered more appropriate packages, more convenient services and better experience according to customer preferences. Our scenario-based marketing capability is available in 30 provinces and the model covers 255 different scenarios.

  • Established direct communication with the marketing front-line. Through Weixin groups, phone calls and video conferences, user feedback can be directly fed to product management departments to make timely evaluation and optimisation. This ensures constant improvement of product experience.