Research & Development

As one of the first batch of innovative enterprises recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) and All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), China Unicom always puts innovation in its priority list. China Unicom has established strong bases and comprehensive system to facilitate innovation, and made a series of world-leading achievements.

Strong R&D Bases and Team. Unicom Group’s Laboratory for Next Generation Network Broadband Applications is the first national engineering lab in the information and communication field in China. China Unicom is the first Chinese operator to set up the post-doctoral work station. China Unicom Research Institute has gradually grown up into a comprehensive base for China Unicom’s core research, product development and testing, as well as a training center for hi-tech talents. Currently, China Unicom owns the industry’s only member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, one national level engineering designer, 10 national level candidates for the New Century Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talents Project, 4 members of National Thousand Talents Project, and 196,000 various engineers.

Rich R&D Achievements and Awards. During 2004-2013, China Unicom won 1 first prize of National Science and Technology Awards, 2 second prizes of National Science and Technology Awards; 5 first prizes of Science and Technology Awards granted by China Communications Standards Association; 12 first prizes of Science and Technology Awards granted by China Institute of Communications. Entrusted by the international organization, China Unicom developed a global standard on the dual-mode dual-standby mobile communications terminals, which was the first global mobile phone standard developed by a Chinese enterprises. As at the end of 2013, China Unicom has submitted a total of 1,599 patents applications of which 381 were authorized.

Continuous Launch of Market-oriented Innovative Products, Applications and Customer Services. China Unicom is the first operator to introduce nationwide standard 3G tariff packages that integrate local, domestic long distance and roaming services. China Unicom redefined RMB 1,000 smartphones, and set off the rapid penetration of smartphones into the mass market. China Unicom launched the WO+ Platform, creating a new win-win business model between operators and Internet application developers. By fully leveraging the integrated advantages of its 3G and broadband technologies, China Unicom continues to develop leading industrial applications and information solutions for more and more sectors and enterprises. China Unicom’s Electronic Sales Service Management System (ESS), the first of its kind in the sector, and industry-leading Electronic Channel System (ECS), have greatly improved sales capabilities and customer service quality, and won favorable reviews and awards from customers and the industry.