Enriching Smart Application Products

Leveraging its basic telecommunication networks and strengths in novel technologies, China Unicom has made strong efforts in areas such as smart living and smart industries, introducing a wide range of “smart+” applications to facilitate more convenient and intelligent living for the public.

Forging a smart brand

In 2018, China Unicom continued to intensify its brand image. As a corporate brand, China Unicom owns outstanding brand assets which are innovative, progressive, trustworthy, open and cooperative. As a brand in government and corporate services, China Unicom is required to satisfy government and corporate customers’ demand for customised and amalgamated innovative services and for a brand with formidable strengths in network and technology. As a brand in mass-market services, “WO” is oriented towards the general consumers and is required to meet general consumers’ need for services that suit their interests, offer more convenience in perception and acquisition, as well as the need for a young and vibrant brand with a strong sense of affinity.

Enjoyment of smart living

Innovative 4G products

In 2018, China Unicom continued to introduce improvements to its Internet-oriented product portfolio and enrich its data product portfolio. Launching scenario-based marketing via APP touchpoints of our Internet partners, while utilising each other’s resources to facilitate deep product integration, we established a complete and flexible 2I2C application and privilege regime, providing customers with products of higher value-added and services of better quality.

  • Our 2I2C service has been focused on new areas for cooperation, such as terminal, express delivery and travel, with the launch of 2I2C products with Xiaomi, YTO Express and Ctrip. We iteratively optimised products of existing cooperation, as we continued to enhance the breadth and depth of our product coverage.

  • Our 4G contract package portfolio has been simplified to drive the transition from contract products to data products.

  • We continued to enhance promotion of and optimise our Ice Cream Package.

  • For mobile video, we embarked on comprehensive cooperation in content + data + membership benefits with online video APPs, teaming up with ten major partners including Tencent, iQIYI, Youku, MGTV and bilibili, etc. Products based on membership benefits have provided better video experience and services to the wider customer base of China Unicom.

  • The Company was not involved in any return of sold or delivered products because of safety or health reasons.

Enriching our integrated services

In 2018, China Unicom continued to implement its business philosophy of Big Bandwidth, Big Data Traffic, Big Integration and Big Video, as it consistently enhanced its “Smart WO Family” integrated products targeted at general home users, developing integrated home information service solutions on the back of high-speed broadband, Big Data Traffic and a wide array of video contents in a move to construct a smart home ecosphere and speed up the commercialisation of smart home products.

  • We have built a home Internet operations centre to conduct centralised operation of services such as smart gateways, smart homes and home clouds.

  • We installed “optical modem + wireless router” two-in-one smart gateway terminals for new broadband users, allowing them to carry out intelligent control, remote management and the download of applications at the terminal via a client APP.

  • Our smart home engineer team continued to upgrade their servicing ability to provide a full range of services for home networks and comprehensively fulfil customers’ Internet needs at home.

  • We provided services such as smart speakers with voice call service, intelligent video cameras and home cloud to meet the needs for voice calling, video surveillance, infant care and elderly care at home.

  • Our video subsidiary currently has an HD video inventory of 100,000 hours, and we have also acquired a full range of TV contents from iQIYI in a strong effort to provide customers with richer product experience.