Building smart brand

In 2017, China Unicom conducted intense analysis on industry trends and the demands of government and commercial clients as well as those of individual consumers with a view to optimise its brand system and win admission into the national branding programme.

Innovative 4G products

In 2017, China Unicom made full efforts to build an Internet-oriented product system and establish a data-based product system. It was the first in the industry to offer unlimited data packages called “Ice-cream packages” to gradually optimise customer mix and increase both the proportion of mid- to high-end customers and customer value. We entered into collaboration with 35 Internet companies including Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and Didi to engage in 2I2C projects. We departed from the marketing model of traditional operators by offering experiential customised products with low entry barrier and large data allowance. We carried out deep product integration leveraging the resources of both parties to build a comprehensive and flexible 2I2C applications and privileges system so as to provide users with products of greater value and service of better quality.

  • Simplified 4G package offerings to encourage users to switch from contract-based packages to data-based packages.

  • Launched 95 2I2C products including Tencent King Card, Didi King Card, and Baidu Super Card, to satisfy customers’ diversified needs.

  • Launched “Videostorm”, Smooth Watching Plan and WO Videos under an innovative mobile video product system and marketing model.

  • Developed a first-tier privilege operation system. A proprietary privilege centre went online in our mobile app with privileges

Rich integrated services

In 2017, China Unicom advocated the business strategy of “Great Bandwidth, Great Data Traffic, Great Integration, Great Videos”. We constantly enriched the integrated products of Smart WO Family service. Focusing on high-speed broadband, high data traffic, sharing among all services and rich video contents, we offered comprehensive family information service solutions to facilitate the commercialisation of smart family services.

China Unicom actively plans on and tracks the development of family Internet. We provides services such as home Internet gateways, WO Family Housekeeper and Intelligent Speed-up, and keeps track of the latest market and technology development. Using our home Internet gateways, we can offer home network design solutions. Leveraging our mixed-ownership reform, we worked with Internet companies to explore integration of communications and Internet products as well as sales channels sharing, trying out new operating models.

We centralised nationwide value-added TV services operation and offered innovative value-added TV applications including 4K UHD, videos, gaming, education, music, shopping, healthcare, and video chats. Currently, we extensively cooperates with over 200 content and application partners in our value-added TV businesses offering over 1,000 TV applications to fully satisfy the living and entertainment needs of different family members.