Accelerating New 5G Infrastructure

China Unicom vigorously promoted the construction of 5G infrastructure, and co-built with China Telecom the world’s first and largest scale cosharing 5G network. The 5G network reached a cumulative scale of 380,000 base stations, achieved 5G outdoor coverage in all prefecture-level cities, key counties and developed towns, and realizing the world’s first large-scale commercialization of SA network.

China Unicom accelerated the construction of cloud data center, focusing on the five key areas of Beijing –Tianjin – Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Sichuan – Shaanxi – Chongqing and Shandong – Henan to create a “5+2+31+X” system. The Company formed and established China Unicom’s “Smart Cloud” data center brand, and promoted the IDC value management through customer segmentation, precise planning and marketing with brand new image and differentiated product services.

Optimizing Network Experience

China Unicom has been committed to building a premium network with leading perceptions by continuously improving network coverage, enhancing network quality, precise construction and increasing network resource efficiency, so as to provide high-quality network service support for a variety of business applications.

Improving mobile network awareness

In 2020, the 5G population coverage reached 40%, the 4G population coverage rate reached 94%, and the all-network VoLTE coverage reached 96.8%. The average 4G download speed maintained a leading position in the industry for three consecutive years. The mobile network coverage reached 97.3% in towns and townships, and 86% in administrative villages.

Expanding broadband network coverage

In 2020, the investment in broadband access amounted to RMB2.05 billion, and 8.47 million broadband ports were built. The total number of ports reached 225 million, covering 380 million broadband residential units and 69,000 commercial buildings. The average network access speed reached 185Mbps, representing an increase of 24% year-on-year.

Carrying out precise network construction

Based on O+B big data analysis, China Unicom made precise and efficient investment. In key cities and key areas, through multi-dimensional data overlay analysis, the Company accurately identified the areas with problems, and effectively improved network quality and user perception. In 2020, a total of 2,229 complaint-driven construction tasks have kicked off, and a total of 2,137 construction tasks were completed, with a completion rate of 96%. In other cities and other areas, focusing on 5G terminals and business clusters, the Company carried out precise construction to continuously improve the internet access rate of 5G users. By the end of 2020, the internet access rate of 5G users exceeded 50%.

Striving to Ensure Network Security

China Unicom regards the maintenance of network information security as an important mission of conscientiousness and responsibility. The Company adheres to top-level design to build a “five-complete” network information security system and also optimizes network security products, integrates security development throughout all fields and the entire process of the Company’s development, striving to improve security protection capabilities.

Ensuring Smooth Communication Services

As a state-owned telecommunications company, China Unicom leveraged its network advantages, insisted on a holistic thinking, and actively mobilised its branch companies and subsidiaries to participate in the communication assurance for local pandemic prevention and control, setting up an information transmission “lifeline” for fighting the pandemic.

  • Focusing on VIP customers such as pandemic prevention hospitals and healthcare authorities, 6,171 dedicated lines were installed/expanded, and 71,394 dedicated lines were specially protected to achieve zero failure.

  • Approximately 300 million users in 29 provinces were reprieved from suspension due to arrears in the emergency period. Focusing on assuring communications for medical personnel, the Company offered a total of RMB9.7 billion in phone tariff discounts or giveaways to more than 20,000 medical personnel. In addition, the Company gave away free data and voice allowance to more than 130,000 medical personnel who were the Company’s customers, equivalent to approximately RMB9.04 million.

  • Distributed nearly ten billion of public service messages for pandemic prevention and control, and provided an integrated solution of “Callers’ ID/ SMS on hang-up” for provincial health commissions and CDCs.

  • Strongly promoted online service sign-up and guided users to sign up most services without leaving home. Guided users to repair faults remotely to avoid potential cross-infection caused by on-site services.