Innovative Development

Fostering New Value in Innovative Development

China Unicom is focused on strengthening its new energy for innovation development. Innovation is the primary driving force for development and a sharp tool for converting the old energy to a new one. With a consistent emphasis on innovation as the basis for development, China Unicom has been vigorously driving the construction of smart networks and stepping up with deployments in areas such as cloud computing, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT), as well as actively involved in AI and blockchain with a strong focus on the application of new technologies in daily life and industries to bring pioneer developments that are innovation-driven and leveraging on the first-mover advantage, with a view to the comprehensive enhancement of customer service.

Innovative industry solutions

On the back of its competitive edge in cloud computing, Big Data, IoT and AI, China Unicom continued to step up with deployment in industry Internet. An industry Internet product centre was set up at the headquarters and 12 industry Internet companies were established across the nation to further improve the national support service regime, enhancing the servicing ability in proprietary integration and operation. In the meantime, product capability in industry Internet has been improved with the launch of 10+3 standard products and Internet solutions for key sectors.

  • Capability in solutions: China Unicom has formulated and completed 74 innovative integration solutions relating to novel smart cities, with a 26% year-on-year increase in solutions available for nationwide application. The “Security Risk Control Platform Solution” was named for the “Top 10 Solutions in Network Security and industry Internet for Central Enterprises Award”, while the “Smart Livestock IoT Platform Solution” was named for the “2018 Exemplary IoT Application Project of China Award”.

  • Capability in integrated implementation: a cloud relocation laboratory was built with a dedicated nationwide cloud relocation team supported by 227 staff to provide full support for the “cloud fibre smart enterprise” activity. The Company provided leadership in a number of large-scale cloud integration projects and fostered end-to-end business capabilities. The Snow Bright Project was honoured with the title “Excellent Industrial Solution in Safe Construction”.

  • Servicing ability in operations: 24 nationwide operating system training sessions and provincial site training sessions were completed and more than 1,800 support initiatives were provided in various provinces in the country. The construction of the nationwide integrated operating system has progressed rapidly to provide the government and large enterprises such as central enterprises with assurance in operating services, while assurance for the “online policy deliberations and remote consultation” activity of the NPC and CPPCC has been completed with success.

Launch of standardised solutions

  • Smart brain for public administration: in support to the nation’s drive for the “one net, one gate, one-time” reform in government services and faster progress in the construction of an “one-stop nationwide public administration online servicing platform”, China Unicom has committed full efforts to the building of the “3+X” smart public administration services products. Driven by the “cloud network” and guided by “digital intelligence” orienting towards government service and citizen service, China Unicom has facilitated real-time consolidation of data resources with the use of advanced AI technologies to enable an in-depth re-engineering of the service processes, with a view to achieving sound administration and benefits for the people through integrated online and offline high-efficiency services.

  • Smart brain for ecological environment: focusing on the current requirements of eco-environmental governance, China Unicom has created the “Eco-environmental Brain 2.0” thanks to breakthroughs facilitated by AI and Big Data technologies. Based on the service cycle of monitoring, analysis, decision-making and governance, special efforts are dedicated to the making of products such as the blockchain-based reliable data platform for the monitoring of the ecological environment, joint eco-environmental protection and control, intelligent monitoring of public opinions on the eco-environment and smart river/lake chief 2.0, to provide strong informatisation support for eco-environmental management.

  • Novel smart cities: guided by the city development strategy and riding on the strengths and expertise in new-generation information technology ahead of peers, China Unicom has fostered five major elements – a neural network with in-depth sensory abilities, a cloud-end heart providing shared high efficiency, a data-driven city brain, an administrative hub with joint command and a mutually beneficial industry alliance – for the construction of a data-centred and open-ended 4+N novel smart city regime: namely, one net (the integrated aerial and land intelligent sensory network), one cloud (the scalable cloud computing data centre), one data (a shared and open Big Data service platform) and one centre (a high-efficiency joint city command centre). On the back of the comprehensive abilities derived from the four “ones” described above, an open and reliable “strong platform” has been provided. Through extensive industry cooperation, N smart city was launched with strategic partners to offer “flexible applications” covering public administration service, as well as enterprises and the public, in a joint effort to create a new smart city ecology.

Launch of industry Internet 10+3 key products

Smart education

China Unicom’s continuous efforts in the education sector has been repeatedly commended by the Ministry of Education as “China’s only carrier providing informatisation solutions in a systematic manner on the main battlefield of education”. In the education sector, China Unicom has provided integrated services comprising cloud platform and premium teaching resources to municipal, county and district education bureaus and helped to realise the cloudification of education authorities and schools. For fundamental education, vocational education, higher education and teachers’ training institutions all have rolled out the cloud desktop service, which has effectively enhanced the standard of education informatisation and management efficiency of schools and education management authorities. For pre-school, primary and secondary education, the nationwide project of “three connections and two platforms” has commenced, serving more than 620,000 teachers and students. “All Class Access” was also implemented nationwide in more than 500,000 classes and “All People Access” covered 9.2 million people.

Smart medical care

China Unicom has provided integrated solutions for Cloud + Network applications to the medical and healthcare industry, offering a high-quality, highly reliable and highly secure cloudification service for hospital informatisation systems to various local medical institutions. National health information service, regional medical coordination service and other integrated health services for the benefit of the people are being offered to medical administrations and authorities at all levels.

Smart public administration service

Adhering to the founding principle of “strong platform and flexible application” and offering to public administration clients the service model of “empowering platform + scenario application”, China Unicom has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the public administration services. Leveraging massive real-time public service operating data, China Unicom has proactively learned and continued to optimise the service process through multi-dimensional perception, thorough observation, real-time decision-making and ongoing progression. The Company has facilitated the transformation of public administration service management from “passive service” to “intelligent service”, from “experience-based management” to “scientific management”, from “manual service” to “systematic service”, and from “public administration service informatisation” to “public administration service intelligentisation”, introducing a new form of smart public administration service.

Smart transportation

In connection with smart transportation, China Unicom has actively explored to formulate improvement plans for smart transportation organisation work aimed at “eliminating traffic jams and keeping traffic smooth to alleviate traffic pressure”. With technology-based and intelligentised transportation safety management as basis, smart transportation organisation improvement plan was formulated in order to bring new experiences in smooth traveling to the mass.

Smart environmental protection

In vigorous response to the national informatisation and strategic plan of the “uphill battle for prevention and control of pollution”, China Unicom has integrated innovative technologies including Cloud, Big Data, IoT and AI and built on its river chief system and Ali Cloud Environment Brain 1.0 products to form a data closed-loop from the four segments of environmental monitoring, analysis, decision-making and governance through the four principal platforms of data management, data resources, learning algorithms and operating services in support of environmental authorities’ effort to build a continuous circulation system of ecological improvements, in a powerful drive of the in-depth integration of the Internet and the development of ecological civilisation.

Smart tourism

China Unicom has consolidated industry resources and capabilities, and actively participated in open data cooperation to expand its fundamental data resources, to cementing the leading ability in data collection integration capability based on different content and types of data. Diverse application services on transportation and traveling data have been provided to build the tourism Big data platform (2.0), as well as premium products including tourism industry monitoring and emergency command platform, integrated scenic area management platform, and the Lexiang hotel platform.

Smart manufacturing

To respond positively to the call of the State for transformation and upgrade of industrial manufacturing, China Unicom has launched an “Internet+ manufacturing” servicing model leveraging its expertise in informatisation and network resources advantage, helping to resolve critical issues in the value chain faced by the manufacturing sector and driving the optimisation and transformation of enterprises.

Smart agriculture

China Unicom has been actively building a targeted poverty alleviation big data platform and the WO land “Internet+ agriculture” cloud platform to promote agriculture-related informatisation application products such as agricultural tracking, home security protection, the Snow Bright Project, and others, to improve the production work of agriculture, rural and farmers, enhance the efficiency of agricultural production, and upgrade the standard of modernised management in rural villages.

Smart finance

China Unicom is committed to financial platform development, new-generation upgrades of financial products and enhancement of users’ operating capability. In addition to serving users and partners well, China Unicom has also vigorously explored industrial customers and scenarios of different businesses to facilitate innovation and breakthrough in new value for the communication + payment/financial industry. In 2018, further communication with clearing institutions such as China Nets Union, UnionPay and the Clearing Centre actively provided access to various payment services, the number of banks China Unicom supported increased to 543. Meanwhile, the Company continued to drive innovative services such as channeling through types II and III accounts and credit cards, while building new systems such as cross-border payment, IVR payment and POS acquiring to support cross-border services. Financial service products such as WO Instalment, staff service, CPC fee assistance and poverty alleviation e-mall have been launched to provide more convenient and efficient financial services for internal and external customers.