Open cooperation is an important driving force that stimulates corporate creativity and propels industry development. In line with the principles of "cooperation, openness and mutual success", China Unicom engages in concerted development with its business partners. In 2017, China Unicom facilitated healthy industry development by deepening cooperation with fellow operators and sharing resources. It cooperated with various partners in the supply chain to innovate and build a prosperous and mutually beneficial industry ecology. It will also work with the next Winter Olympics to jointly deliver a smart future.

Deepening Cooperation With Fellow Operators

In 2017, China Unicom continued to deepen its cooperation with China Telecom to solidly establish and implement new development principles, further promote supply-side structural reform and constantly improve the sharing of telecommunication infrastructures. Following the principle of "win-win cooperation and co-development", China Unicom sought to achieve synergetic development by actively promoting strength complementation and in-depth cooperation in terms of resources, innovation and others among sister companies in the industry. Meanwhile, it expanded the cooperation in areas including technology, business, resources and capital in the industry chain with an open mind to build a positive industry landscape.

On 31 March 2017, China Unicom, together with China Telecom, held the "Press Conference for Campaign of the Implementation of Speed Upgrade and Tariff Reduction and Promoting 6-mode All network-access Terminals" in Beijing to jointly announce the five measures taken to promote 6-mode all-network-access terminals. Both parties put forward proposals and took measures in such aspects as terminal standard coordination, terminal products launch, all-channel cooperative promotion and industry consensus promotion.

Cooperation With Internet Companies

In 2017, China Unicom collaborated with 35 Internet companies such as Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, DiDi and NetEase to launch over 40 2I2C projects, including the Tencent King Card, DiDi King Card and Baidu Grand Card, offering a total of 95 products. Our mobile APP has over 50 million monthly active users.