Cooperating with peers for win-win development

China Unicom upheld the philosophy of win-win cooperation for development, continuously expanded the depth and breadth of cooperation with operator peers, and took important steps to advance the construction of industry ecosystem and the network “co-build co-share”, thus vigorously boosted the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, cyber superpower and development of digital China.

Deepening network “co-build and co-share”

China Unicom deeply implemented the new development philosophy with the principle “win-win cooperation and collaborative development” to pinpoint enhancing on network supply capabilities and quality efficiency, and actively pushed forward the synergizing edges and in-depth cooperation in the fields of resources and innovation among industry peers, forming a collaborative synergy in development, and the commitment to becoming the premium operator with quality customer perception.

Comprehensively pushing forward 5G network “co-build co share”

China Unicom vigorously conducted the cooperation with China Telecom to co-build and co-share one single 5G access network in the full lifecycle of 5G development across the entire network.

  • China Unicom enhanced cooperation management. The two parties simultaneously formed a 5G “co-build co-share” working group in the three levels of the headquarters, provinces and cities, prepared the “2020 Guiding Opinions on Fundamental Network Co-build, Co-share and Co-maintenance”, formulated unified technical specifications for “co-build co-share” network, as well as 4/5G network quality assessment standards, and perfected organizational and policy support.

  • China Unicom built the world’s first large-scale 5G “co-build co-share” network in the shortest time and with the least investment, achieving network scale, coverage, bandwidth and speed doubled and providing the mass users with better quality mobile network services.

  • China Unicom further pushed forward the 5G network “co-build co-share, co-maintenance and co-optimize”, along with the goal of “unification in user perception, business experience, network quality, and service support”, enhancing network quality through collaboration and realizing leading network quality and user perception.

  • Being the world’s first scale commercialization of SA network, China Unicom vigorously pushed forward the development of the 5G value chain and 5G consumption upgrade.

  • China Unicom’s work in 5G “co-build co-share” was fully recognized numerous times by the Central government leadership and received high praise from the ministries and commissions such as the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Such work was also included by the People’s Daily in a series of reports Intensifying New Infrastructure and Cultivating New Drives on March 27.

4G “Co-build Co-share” reaching a new level

  • China Unicom deeply advanced the 4G “co-build co-share” with China Telecom, focusing on scenarios such as complementary coverage, new scenarios, and station site integration, together exploring sharing one single network in rural and indoor area, which effectively expanded network coverage and improved network quality.

  • 390,000 4G co-share communities were newly added throughout the year, with a total of RMB9 billion of investment saved and RMB1 billion of operation cost saved per year for both parties.

Full “Co-build Co-share” achieving substantial progress

  • China Unicom expanded in-depth fundamental resources “co-build co-share co-maintenance”, fully co-building on incremental resources, cosharing on existing resources , while continuing to expand cooperation area and enhancing cooperation efficiency, which would improve the operating effectiveness and efficiency of the fundamental resources and lowering network expenses.

  • The scope of cooperation with peer operators had expanded to areas including co-building optical cables, co-sharing fiber cores and cloud infrastructure.

Pushing forward in-depth industry cooperation

In a new era characterized by intelligent connection of all things, while facing the value chain, China Unicom embraced an open attitude, worked with all parties to co-build innovative alliances, co-develop business models, co-share high-quality resources, and together expanding new potential for 5G integrated development, as well as broadened cooperation in various fields such as technologies, businesses, resources and capital, creating a benign industrial ecosystem.

Broadening cooperation with terminal suppliers

China Unicom established a trading platform of Woego and a service portal with terminal partners, enhanced the guidance and management of terminal suppliers, and improved the work efficiency and use perception of partners.

Building a cooperation and sharing platform

  • As a nationwide comprehensive B2B trading platform, the Woego platform provides upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain with services such as intelligent transactions, service empowerment, financial loans, channel marketing and other service solutions, also specialized solutions for intelligent ecology cooperation such as centralized operation, special area sales, exclusive consultants and special marketing. In 2020, the platform served over 30,000 small- and medium-sized channel trading customers.

  • China Unicom built a service portal for terminal partners. With service experience as core philosophy, it realized online visualization and transparent management during the whole process from cooperation to terminal roll-out, constantly improving working efficiency and user perception of the partners.

  • China Unicom proactively developed market-oriented multi-supplier cooperation. In 2020, the headquarters brought in 102 mobile terminal models and 314 pan-intelligence models and introduced over 240 provincial suppliers.

Vigorously broadening the cooperation with channels

China Unicom reinforced efforts in digital innovation, empowered the transformational development of cooperation channels, realized a winwin situation for operators, cooperative channels and users through financial cooperation, privileges cooperation, and resource sharing, as well as the ecological and platform-based cooperation and operation, which achieved a new cooperative channel operation system featuring win-win among operators, cooperation channels, and users that were built for sustainability, high quality and ecology.

Reinforcing fair cooperation

  • China Unicom helped channel partners to fight against the pandemic and resume production. China Unicom actively responded to the nation’s call to rapidly implement the working requirements for providing guarantee for both corporate pandemic prevention and control, as well as production and operation, and developed a mutual help plan “Six Sections and 18 Articles of Work and Production Resumption of Cooperative Channels”. The plan surmounted the difficulties, helped cooperative channels to fight against the pandemic, resumed production and rapidly restored production and operation.

  • China Unicom drove channel partners for transformative development. China Unicom developed iterative and innovative digital capabilities, empowered channel partners via financial installment, agile supply chain and online marketing, improved the capability to operate cooperative channels, and brought along the transformative development of the channel partners. In 2020, the number of financial installment orders from channel partners grew by over 50% from the previous year, and the cloud shelf was made available to 28,000 channel partners in 30 provinces.

  • China Unicom improved the digitalization of IT systems. China Unicom continuously promoted light platform tools, introduced partners in a fast manner, rapidly accepted business, quickly recorded the income, and drove partners to improve efficiency and increase benefits.