Facilitating New Developments Connecting In and Out

China Unicom has been actively building a new ecology connecting in and out and committed to the development of an open, shared, inclusive and win-win beneficial environment with ecological partners, teaming up to care for the daily needs of people. By building ecological capabilities, China Unicom has facilitated high-quality development for the value chain and providing support for the betterment of life for the people in concerted efforts.

Co-Development with Partner Operators

In thorough implementation of the new development philosophy and based on the principle of “mutual success in cooperation and co-development”, China Unicom has been vigorously driving mutually complementary operations and in-depth cooperation in resources and innovation among peer operators in the industry with a special focus on enhancing network service ability and network quality, in order to generate synergies and enhance the co-building and co-sharing of telecommunication infrastructure facilities.

Deepening Cooperation with Internet Companies

Exploring “New Retail” pilot operations

China Unicom has engaged in intensive cooperation with various Internet companies such as, Alibaba, Suning, Tencent and Baidu, to explore the development in new retail operation.

  • New Retail stores are established in cooperation, featuring intensive cooperation with strategy partners in areas such as supply chain, IT support, Big Data precision marketing, integrated online and offline operation, and intelligent applications.

  • To replicate the experiences of new retail stores such as business model, mechanism and capabilities to China Unicom’s business outlets on a trial basis in order to enhance operating capabilities.

  • A new retail platform system has been built to further integrate New Retail capabilities and export to open channel partners with a view to empowering, enhancing and increasing capabilities and capacities, and forming a novel cooperation model featuring joint operation, marketing and sales.

Enhancing cooperation in Internet promotion

China Unicom has launched campaigns on the Internet by taking opportunities presented by major events, such as leveraging the World Cup to strengthen promotion for Tencent King Card, Ice Cream packages, and other key businesses. Through the combination of TV and Internet advertising, China Unicom has built an all-touchpoint promotion and enhanced our brand affiliation by leveraging CCTV’s new core media resources and Youku’s privileged platform.

Pushing forward customer touchpoint cooperation

China Unicom and Internet partners collaborated to launch APP touchpoint cooperation. Through leveraging the partners’ platforms, premium network services and concessionary packages to users were provided for the mutual benefit of users, partners and China Unicom. China Unicom has actively explored new models such as resource swap (SMA Model), launching extensive cooperation with Internet SMEs, FMCG companies, as well as banking and financial institutions to cover daily-life touchpoints of users.

  • Cooperation with 54 Internet partners and 63 collaboration projects were in commence, including 139 Internet packages. More than 30 cooperative projects under the SMA business (resource swap model) were completed during the year.

  • Channel touchpoint activities such as mobile qq, WeChat red dot diversion and b Station anniversary celebrations and Alibaba Singles’ Day were successfully held.

During the cooperation, China Unicom conducted commission settlement, resource swap and ability output in a timely and proactive manner while in strict compliance with the cooperation agreement. In 2018, the number of 2I2C billing users, cumulative billing revenue and new users increased significantly as compared to previous year.

More intensive cooperation in capital

  • Yunlizhihui Technology Company Limited was established in a joint venture with Alibaba to provide theoretical and practical guidance in digitalised transformation on the back of core technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, IoT, AI and blockchain, offering comprehensive solutions, cloud product services and IT technical services in areas including government service, finance, eco-environment, police, and manufacturing, and others. More than 150 mainstream enterprises in the value chain have been assembled in a joint effort to develop “Platform + Application” capabilities.

  • Yunjing Wenlv Technology Company Limited was established in a joint venture with Tencent to focus on Big Data-driven tourism, aiming to build core competitiveness in tourism big data and tourism application software, while providing core services such as “tourism big data, smart tourism development and operating services” for the empowering development of the tourism sector.

  • Yunjizhihui Technology Company Limited was established in a joint venture with Wangsu to engage in CDN and CDN-related security and edge computing services, aiming to drive comprehensive upgrade in the services and products of the CDN industry.