Sharpen Big Security to safeguard the digital future

Network security is a matter of national security, social stability, economic development and people's welfare. Safeguarding network security is the No. 1 responsibility of central state-owned enterprises in information and communication. The introduction of the "Network Security Law", "Data Security Law", "Personal Information Protection Law" and "Regulations on the Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure" has put forward new requirements for the information and communication industry to strengthen network security and data security.

As the chief operator of information and communication support and the sole official communication service partner of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games, China Unicom has supported more than 100 high-level "cloud diplomacy" meetings with the highest standard and successfully completed the communication support of major conferences and events such as the 19th Party Congress, the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the centennial of the founding of the Party. The Company comprehensively implements the overall national security concept, focuses on communication security, network security, information security and data security, builds a "Big Security" system spanning from security compliance to security services and ecological prosperity, and leaps from a security "back-up support team" to the "vanguard of escort", building "the ‘No. 1 security shield’ of the country, government and people" for the digital economy.

China Unicom strives to improve the security support capability of infrastructure operation, always ensuring the smooth circulation of the arteries of the digital economy. It strives to enhance the protection of users' personal information, allowing users to enjoy a healthy, intelligent and secure digital life when using China Unicom’s services. It strives to improve the information service capability defense system and enhance basic capabilities in the security industry. It strives to improve its service capability of security products integrating cloud, network and security, providing customers with carrier-grade security operation services. By sharpening Big Security, the Company has constructed the first line of defense in cyberspace that is both offensive and defensive, secure and reliable, acting as a strong guardian of the new digital information infrastructure.

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