Invigorate Big Data to enhance digital capabilities

As a new type of production factor, data, with its special characteristics of replicability, shareability, massive supply and low marginal cost, has promoted profound changes and restructuring of traditional production factors and become a new production resource for economic and social development. As a central state-owned enterprise of trusted data services, China Unicom has received commendations from the Party Central Committee and the State Council and praise from the community for its support to national epidemic prevention and control. China Unicom will further leverage its advantages in communication Big Data, promote the sharing of data resources at multiple levels and across businesses, create new products such as data governance, data security and data applications, stimulate the multiplier effect of data factors, play the role of a national team for digital governance, and create "No. 1 'Unicom Data' service" for the digital economy. The Company is dedicated to promoting factorization of data and digitization of factors, enhancing its integration capability of Big Data, AI and blockchain technology, improving its data product system, and creating data platforms and data application products for key industries. By invigorating Big Data, the Company activates the value of data factors, accelerates the digitization of businesses and commercialization of data, deepens Big Data integration and application innovation, improves industrial supply and industry empowerment effect, and facilitates reform in the quality, efficiency and momentum of economic and social development.

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