Deepen Big Connectivity to connect the digital world

Big Connectivity is the foundation and base of the digital era. China Unicom will strengthen high-speed and ubiquitous basic connectivity to open up the arteries of Digital China. It offers secure and agile intelligent connectivity to open up new pathways of smart society. It deepens intelligent and scenario-based "chemical" connectivity to unleash digital energy.

By increasing the scale of connectivity, improving the efficiency of connectivity, enhancing the stickiness of connectivity, optimizing the application of connectivity, and enhancing the value of connectivity, China Unicom has made a new leap from "basic connectivity" to "smart connectivity for everything" to provide "the first connectivity channel" for the digital economy. The Company strives to build a 5G network with effective coverage, excellent experience, first-class capability and outstanding performance; a gigabit broadband network that connects thousands of households; a government and enterprise network with excellent quality, intelligence and security; and an Internet of things network with ubiquitous smart connection and high/low speed synergy. By deepening Big Connectivity, the Company connects thousands of households, buildings, enterprises and scenarios with high-quality networks, creates new digital work and life experiences for customers, and builds a solid digital base for high-quality economic and social development.

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