Strengthen Big Computing to drive integrated digital development

Computing power is becoming the new engine of digital economy development, the new embodiment of national strength, and the new focus of global strategic competition. Data shows that the level of computing power in countries around the world is highly correlated with the level of economic development. China Unicom integrates its network and computing resources, promotes new computing network deployment with advanced architecture, security and reliability, and excellent services, builds a new ecology of computing network integration centred on computing power, and provides integrated services of "connectivity + sensing + computing + intelligence", creating the "No. 1 computing power engine" for the digital economy.

China Unicom focuses on building green, centralised, secure and reliable computing infrastructure. It builds an advanced computing network that is nationally integrated, intelligent and agile. It develops Unicom Cloud featuring cloud-network integration, security and reliability, tailored customisation and multi-cloud collaboration. By strengthening Big Computing, the Company forms a multi-level computing facility with data-network synergy, data-cloud synergy, cloud-edge synergy and green intelligence to support comprehensive and diverse digital needs in different dimensions and levels, providing a strong computing engine for high-quality economic and social development.

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