Enhance Big Application to create digital value

Digital technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, Big Data, artificial intelligence and blockchain are widely and deeply penetrating into every aspect of the economy and society and fully integrating with the real economy. China Unicom, as the integrator of information and communication technologies and services, will fully leverage the amplification, superposition and multiplication effects of digital technologies for economic development, integrate internal and external resources, reshape its capabilities, enhance Big Applications for thousands of industries, and become the "No. 1 digital service provider" for digital economy.

China Unicom strives to accelerate industry integration and expand industrial Internet and 5G+industrial Internet integrated innovative applications. It promotes new models such as "platform-based design, intelligent manufacturing, network collaboration, tailored customization, service extension and digital management" for energy, automobile, equipment, steel, petrochemical and building materials industries. It deepens the innovative applications in key vertical industries such as "smart transportation, smart logistics, smart agriculture, smart water conservancy" to achieve replication and scale expansion of standardized industry products. It deepens livelihood applications, offers innovative high-quality life services, enriches innovative applications in "smart medical care, smart education, smart cultural tourism”, and creates new information consumption products such as 5G messages, UHD videos, converged media, etc. It strengthens government applications, deepens high-performance governance services, deeply participates in the construction of digital government, smart cities and smart ecology, creates innovative application products such as "all-in-one network" and "manage all with one network", helping to modernize the national governance capability and system. It develops customised digital service capabilities that create value for customers, forms a product framework of "universal base + industry application", and cultivates a number of large-scale innovative applications. By enhancing Big Applications, the Company helps the digital transformation, intelligent upgrade and integrated innovation in every aspect of the economy and society with new applications, new modes and new business models, and accelerates the pace of construction of Digital China and smart society.

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