Directors and Senior Management
Li GuohuaExecutive Director & President

Aged 58, was appointed in August 2018 as Executive Director and President of the Company. Mr. Li is a Senior Economist, obtained an MBA degree from Nanchang University and University of Poitiers, France in 1999. Mr. Li is a Director and General Manager of Unicom Group (the ultimate parent company of the Company), a Director, President and General Counsel of A Share Company, a Director and President of CUCL. Mr. Li served as a Deputy Chief of the Jiangxi Posts and Telecommunications Administration Bureau, a Deputy Chief and the Chief of the Jiangxi Post Bureau, a Deputy Post Master General of the State Post Bureau, Deputy President and President of China Post Group, a Non-Executive Director and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd. (listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange), etc. Mr. Li has extensive experience in management.