Leveraging its fast and smooth broadband network, China Unicom intensively improved its data operation capability, and laid equal emphasis on both the forward and backward data traffic operation.

Diversify product offerings for forward data traffic operation

  • On top of the various existing monthly data packages, made available additional products such as monthly top-up data packages, daily data packages, holiday data packages and half-yearly data packages, and continuously enriched various special offers of dedicated data packages for data-intensive videos, music and games;

  • Activated "Data Usage at Ease" feature beyond package data allowance, launched an upgraded version for the "Data Usage at Ease" data package, and implemented progressive "Data Usage at Ease".

Expand backward data traffic operation business

  • Established an integrated data distribution platform under a unified policy, unified access, unified support and decentralised management, and supported the innovation of the business model of data operation; explored an external cooperation mode combining backward data + commission by making use of key projects and the group-based marketing policies of the Company; in 2016, the Company had a total of 57 partners for its backward data traffic operation;

  • In respect of dedicated data traffic operation, adopted an integrated product mode with third-party applications and continuously diversified value added services. Ten major products, such as WO+ video, WO+ music and Sina Weibo, were developed under WO+APP.

Enrich video experience

With the fibre upgrade of broadband network, high-speed video service has become an information consumption hotspot. China Unicom has positioned video as a strategic core business among the Group’s innovative businesses.

Launch TV video services

China Unicom extensively developed video products leveraging its broadband network, and launched a 4K video-oriented family video application product "WO+ TV", which covered multiple contents such as video, games, music, education, shopping and healthcare, and curated over 100,000 hours of video, over 1,400 games and over 50,000 songs.

In order to promote information consumption driven by video service, China Unicom set up the "4K Ultra High Definition Industrial Alliance", jointly formulated the technical specifications of 4K smart set-top boxes with China Telecom, signed a 4K Joint Innovation Agreement with Huawei, published a white paper on IPTV technology, and actively promoted the healthy development of 4K ultra high definition industry.

Upgrade Smart WO Family service

The Company extensively developed the Smart WO Family integrated services, with integrated package users of 19.67 million, and bundled cell phones users of over 32 million, at the end of 2016, which effectively promoted a coordinated growth of both the fixed-line and mobile users.

  • Adjusted package structure so that the fixed-line and mobile product systems were fully covered by integrated services;

  • Enriched the product offerings of Smart WO Family packages, developed WO+ video, WO+ housekeeper and other innovative family Internet products;

  • Optimised regulation of Smart WO Family business, reduced the restrictions on sign-ups and package start dates, and shortened the average servicing time from 20 minutes at the beginning of 2016 to no more than 6 minutes.