Network Facilities

China Unicom owns nationwide fixed line and mobile networks, which include:

  • Transmission Network: the network is constructed mainly upon WDM, SDH and the most advanced ASON technologies. It covers all the prefecture-level cities in China and reaches major countries and regions through the Company’s international submarine and terrestrial cables and satellites. Total length of the optical cable is 4,858,000 kilometers, of which the length of the backbone optical cable is 335,000 kilometers and the local optical cable is 4,523,000 kilometers.
  • Fixed Line Voice Network: the network is constructed mainly upon the soft-switch and traditional TDM technologies. The capacity of domestic long-distance phone switches is 124,000 E1, the capacity of international long-distance phone switches is 15,000 E1, the capacity of local phone switches and customer access equipment is 68 million, and the capacity of soft-switch access equipment is 57 million.
  • Internet: the relay bandwidth of the public Internet backbone network is 53,493Gbps, the bandwidth interconnecting with domestic telecom operators is 903.8Gbps, and total international outbound bandwidth is 731.9Gbps.
  • Broadband Data Network: the IP bearer network and ATM network cover nationwide in China. The IP bearer network covers 334 cities nationwide, adopting MPLS VPN and other reliable technologies. The ATM backbone network has a relay bandwidth of 185Gbps, which can provide stable and reliable dedicated leased line services for VIP customers such as governments, financial institutions and multinational corporations.
  • Mobile Networks: the mobile core network adopts the soft-switch technology, with 459 mobile offices in total. The switch capacity of VLR is 380 million and that of the core network reaches 380 million. Mobile broadband network had 565 thousand base stations as at the end of 2014. GSM network had 424 thousand base stations and 2,091 thousand carrier frequencies as at the end of 2014.

China Unicom has international offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Nanning, and 83 POP points in major countries and regions. China Unicom possesses abundant international submarine and terrestrial cable resources, which help extend its international transmission network to most countries and regions in Asia, America and Europe.

At present, China Unicom owns 4,707Gbps bandwidth of international submarine cables, with landing stations in Shanghai, Qingdao and Fuzhou. China Unicom also owns 2,737Gbps bandwidth of international terrestrial cables, which are connected with neighboring countries and regions including Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, DPRK, Burma, Hong Kong and Macau.