Customer Service

In accordance with the strategic goal of “Building Excellent Customer Services Capabilities”, China Unicom has been committed to enhancing customer services quality to satisfy customers’ needs and to raise customer satisfaction.

China Unicom provides customers with its ubiquitous services via various channels including nationwide outlets, customer services hotlines, virtual outlets through the Internet, SMS or WAP, self-help service terminals, and customer clubs. Apart from that, China Unicom is the first Chinese operator to launch the integrated refill card product, which enables customers to refill and make payment anytime and anywhere. China Unicom is also the first to introduce innovative 3G online chat customer service via instant messaging (IM) technology so as to better address customers’ needs.

The 7×24 customer services hotline of China Unicom, 10010, provides customers with all-round all-day customer services including enquiry, consultation, technical support, complaints & suggestions, services ordering and appointment booking. The standardized customer services processes ensure that customers’ demand be satisfied within an appointed time period. Further measures, such as call-back interview and personal greeting, are also taken to enhance customer care quality. China Unicom also offers the 7x24 dedicated line, 18618610010 to address international roaming issues for customers who travel abroad.

China Unicom’s customer clubs have become successful platforms for the Company to offer tailored and featured services for its customers. The Table Tennis Club is the first of its kind in China to provide customers with premium services by organizing high-level large-scale amateur table tennis competitions. The 3G Fans Club helps promote 3G services among 3G customers by utilizing China Unicom’s leading 3G network. China Unicom’s customer clubs have set up 125 VIP lounges or green passages at airports and railway stations nationwide to provide dedicated services to China Unicom’s diamond and gold level VIP customers.

2014 Customer Services Highlights

In 2014, the Company improved its enlarged customer service system that centers on customer service accountability, carried out customer service improvement projects in key areas, further enhanced customer retention, and optimised user interface. As a result, the Company achieved continuous improvement in enlarged customer service system, service operation, customer retention and customer service quality. During the year, the amount of its customer complaints was the lowest in the industry.