Key Businesses





China Unicom started to operate GSM network in 1995. China Unicom was granted WCDMA3G license in January 2009 and officially launched 3G service in September 2009. In December 2013 and February 2015, MIIT issued TD-LTE license and LTE FDD license to China Unicom respectively.

Through nationwide GSM, 3G and LTE networks, China Unicom provides the following services to the public:

  • Core services: including local call, domestic long-distance call, international long-distance call, long-distance call to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, domestic roaming, international roaming, roaming in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, high-speed mobile broadband service
  • Traditional value-added services: including SMS, MMS, ring-back tone, GPRS, wireless Internet access card
  • New value-added services: including mobile music, mobile TV, mobile mailbox, Wo portal, Wo store, Wo reading

As at the end of 2014, China Unicom’s GSM subscribers were 149.99 million, and mobile broadband subscribers were 149.10 million.