Key Businesses
Key Businesses
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China Unicom started to operate GSM network in 1995. China Unicom was granted WCDMA3G license in January 2009 and officially launched 3G service in September 2009. In December 2013 and February 2015, MIIT issued TD-LTE license and LTE FDD license to China Unicom repectively.


Through nationwide GSM, 3G and LTE networks, China Unicom provides the following services to the public:


- Core services: including local call, domestic long-distance call, international long-distance call, long-distance call to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, domestic roaming, international roaming, roaming in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, high-speed mobile broadband service
- Traditional value-added services: including SMS, MMS, ring-back tone, GPRS, wireless Internet access card
- New value-added services: including mobile music, mobile TV, mobile mailbox, Wo portal, Wo store, Wo reading


As at the end of 2014, China Unicom’s GSM subscribers were 149.99 million, and mobile broadband subscribers were 149.10 million.

China Unicom is one of the major fixed line operators in China.


Through its fixed line voice network, China Unicom provides the public with various call services such as to the public, including local call, domestic long-distance call, international long-distance call, long-distance call to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, IP phone and phone card, as well as various value-added services such as fixed line ring-back tone, voice information service, phone Q-bar, relocation without changing numbers, incoming call number display, three-party voice and voice mailbox.


Through its broadband and Internet networks, China Unicom provides the public with various fixed line access services such as xDSL, dedicated line and optical fiber, wireless access services such as WLAN and GPRS, as well as various Internet applications such as network printing, green surfing, E-shield, network security and network storage.


As at the end of 2014, China Unicom’s local access subscribers were 82.06 million, and broadband subscribers were 68.79 million.

China Unicom offers all-round telecom services to enterprise customers, including basic voice services (such as group phone calls, WVPN, IVPN, 800, 400 etc.), network leasing, Internet access, bandwidth-based services (such as ATM, FR, DDN, digital circuits, IPLC etc.), various data communications solutions such as IP-VPN, as well as various value-added services such as video conference, E-commerce, video monitoring, VPDN, storage disaster recovery, call center, network security and LBS.


China Unicom has been leveraging the integrated advantages of its 3G and broadband businesses to facilitate the development of industry applications in such areas as mobile office, Internet of things, e-commerce. China Unicom provides information total solutions to large enterprise customers from governments, financial institutions, health care and other sectors including transportation, utilities, aviation, automobile and energy. China Unicom also offers various broadband solutions to small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers.


As at the end of 2014, China Unicom had more than 59 million Key industry applications users.

With the most abundant international submarine and terrestrial cable resources in China, China Unicom has been fully expanding its international business. China Unicom has subsidiaries in Hong Kong, North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore and South Africa, and offices in South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Germany and Canada. China Unicom carries out in-depth cooperation in various service areas through close relationships with overseas incumbent operators and relevant institutions.


China Unicom provides various international fixed line services including international voice, cross-border leasing line, cross-territory networking, international internet and fixed-line integrated innovative data service. China Unicom provides high-quality international voice services that reach over 240 countries and regions in the world. The international data services not only provide traditional data offerings (including IPLC, IEPL, MPLS VPN, IP Transit, IDC, and FR/AT), but also focus on providing multinational corporations with all-dimensional comprehensive solutions, as well as customized products and services, so as to meet the different clients’ needs for informatisation development.


China Unicom has opened GSM international roaming service with 575 operators in 250 countries and regions, GPRS outgoing roaming service with 442 operators in 189 countries and regions, GPRS incoming roaming service with 489 operators in 206 countries and regions, and 3G data roaming service with 343 operators in 133 countries and regions. China Unicom has also launched various international data roaming packages to meet customers’ needs for high-speed internet service while being abroad.